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Sounds Of A Generation: Indus Creed



One of the country’s longest-running Rock band, Indus Creed then known as Rock Machine, has been successfully showcasing their music since the mid-80s’. Music Plus caught up with the front-man of the band, Uday Benegal to talk about their music, journey and much more.

On being asked about how such brilliant musicians got together and formed one of the biggest rock bands of the country Uday Benegal said, “Indus Creed was born as a band called Rock Machine in 1984 by bassist Mark Selwyn and guitarists Mahesh Tinaikar and Jayesh Gandhi, when they were all in college. Drummer Mark Menezes joined next and I followed suit after Mahesh heard me sing prior to a college event. After a couple of gigs, we felt the need for a keyboard player, so I brought in Zubin Balaporia, with whom I’d done a few gigs when we were in junior college.”

Looking back at their first gig with nostalgia Uday exclaimed, “My first ever gig with Rock Machine was in January 1985 at Goa’s Farmagudi College of Engineering. That my 12th standard boards were around a month later did nothing to diminish the addictive fun I experienced.”

Around 1988 they hit the road and launched their debut album, Rock and Roll Renegade, which left its indelible mark on the Indian rock scene. In 1993, their music video Pretty Child, from their second album The Second Coming won a pan-Asian MTV Video Music Award and was ranked no. 9 amongst MTV’s top 100 videos of the year. The same year they began to experiment with Indian instruments such as tabla and sarangi to adopt some alternative sounds. At the peak of their popularity, the band did the unpredictable by renaming themselves as Indus Creed!

Indus Creed band

Grateful for the success and laughs in the journey of Indus Creed, Uday talked fondly reminiscing several unforgettable performances. “There have been so many gigs that to flag one as the most memorable would be impossible. The Farmagudi College gig was certainly memorable for me, being my first professional rock concert. But I’d add the Aid Bhopal Concert at Brabourne Stadium in Bombay in 1985, opening for Europe and Nazareth in 1988, playing on stage with Slash at the MTV India launch in 1997 and opening for Santana in Bangalore in 2012 as a bunch to remember fondly. There have been innumerable others in between, some memorable more for the disasters than the successes.”

The band is thrilled and overjoyed to be back on-stage post monsoon. The band downed its shutters in 1997, unexpectedly regrouping in 2010, the band returned in a modified form and the iconic rockers have been awarded numerous accolades (including Best Band at the Jack Daniel’s Rock Awards in 2012 and Vh1 India’s Hall of Fame award in 2014), toured like beasts and released four great albums.


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