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Sounds Of A Generation: Euphoria



Since its existence, Euphoria has been everyone’s go-to band. It is likely impossible not to hum along Maeri, Ab Na Jaa and Dhoom Pichak Dhoom. Most of their songs still find a place on the playlists of the quintessential 90s kid. You know you belong to that decade if your ears pop every time you hear the word “Euphoria”.

The band has been offering their music for nearly three decades now. Put together by the front-man of the band Dr. Palash Sen, Euphoria managed to take the country by storm with their brilliant music. Often regarded as the soul of Rock music wave in the late 90s, the band rocked the Independent music scene in the country. With refreshing desi Rock, they have played in arenas, stadiums, packed houses, colleges, schools, in front of India Gate, in the Central Park of C.P. (with the greatest Hindustani classical singers), auditoriums and corporate shows. You name it, they have played it live and very loud.

Recently, they released India’s first Hindi rock song The Lord Has Risen. Euphoria’s unique style of music with mixed electric guitar and traditional instruments such as the tabla, dholak and sitar has helped them gain more popularity. The band’s track C U Later has received critical and commercial success in times when film music was pervasive. The album’s English version pumped up to an all new high as #5 on VH1’s top 10 International charts. This was a first of its kind achievement for any Indian band.

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Famous for fearlessly experiment with their tunes, Euphoria has survived the test of time and has come a long way. However, it is a bunch of music loving humble folks who have been responsible to transfer fanatics to a state of euphoria with .their tunes. Music Plus caught up with Dr. Palash Sen to talk about their music, journey and much more.

How was Euphoria formed?
I formed Euphoria in 1988 back when I was in college and wanted to impress the girls. Slowly, I found my home in Rock n Roll, that’s how a hobby turned into a passion. And, passion into a lifelong crusade. Rest as they say, is history. Moving through several line ups, the band kept searching for their elusive break.

The original line up and memories of your debut gig.
I am the sole survivor of the so called original line up. DJ Bhaduri has been walking in the line of fire with me since 1992. The only guy back then to take this as seriously as I did, was DJ. We neither gave up, nor looked back. My debut gig was in my college, UCMS New Delhi. A young aspiring doctor-rocker got on stage and healed his other fellow medics in 1988. What a night! What a memory!

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What is your most memorable show?
Each time I get on stage, I feel this is Euphoria’s first and last show. So, each show is special because people from different parts of the world come and tell you that they believe in you. In today’s time, I feel that is a real blessing.

Any unknown facts about the band?
Actually, our life is an open book. Our fans know everything about us. We are just a bunch of regular guys, doing good old Hind Rock n Roll. Just that we have a following of extraordinary people who never give up on us. They stand by us through thick and thin besides they don’t let anyone mess with us. This is just a fun unknown fact for the haters and jobless trolls to know.

How do you look back on Euphoria’s journey?
Fondly, as the memories have continued to keep me motivated. I have never forgotten the good parts, neither have I forgotten the labour and pain. This band has reached where it has because we never gave up. We still battle an entire system filled with film music every day. The struggle is real, and the love we receive is priceless.

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Would you like to experiment with your music like getting a DJ to perform alongside?
I think we have always experimented with sounds. We have incorporated a lot of Indian instruments in our Rock roots to expand our sound scape and have a broader palette of ideas to choose from. And I don’t think our band is big enough to handle another DJ.

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