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Sounds Of A Generation: Dream Out Loud



An Alternative Rock band from Mumbai, Dream Out Loud has been charming their audiences with their music since its inception. Formed back in January 2006, the band’s idea was simple, to create songs which were absolutely heartfelt, with the hope of connecting with as many people as possible through music. The band came out with their first album Human Race in June 2007 which became immensely popular. With Suraj Jagan on vocals, Chandresh Kudwa on lead guitar, bass, and Lindsay on drums, the album’s release was followed by a number of gigs across the nation. But, it was their debut performance at Zenzi, Bandra, which got the things rolling.

Years before they actually met, the dream was constantly alive individually or maybe it was ‘the dream that kept them alive’. The struggle was real, when they were trying to find compatible musicians to begin working towards their dream. It is during that time, a lot of material was drawn from and put into their songs which were eventually created. The one genre Dream Out Loud identified themselves was, Rock.


dream out loud band


Chandresh is known to play long rhythmic classy solos with a drop of eighties, and the words just go with flow. It was his power packed performances that never failed to spellbind the audiences. The lead guitarist also played with a number of bands including Thor, Vedic Chant, and, now, Dream Out Loud.

With some of the famous jingles from the ad-world including ‘You and I’ for Hutch attached to his name, Suraj has established himself as a singer/songwriter and performer. Music Plus caught up with Suraj Jagan to chat about the band, journey and more.


Suraj Jagan - dream out loud band
(Suraj Jagan)

How was Dream out Loud formed?

The first time I saw Chandresh play live was at Mood Indigo, he was playing with his band Freedom at that time. That’s when I felt, it would be great to form a band with him. Then when we first met at T2’s house. T2 was putting together a band for a corporate show. The show never happened, but Chandresh and I got talking. By the end of it, we realized we have a lot in common as far as music influences are concerned. Also, we stayed in the same locality. So, we decided to meet the very next day to see if we could write some songs together. That was beginning of Dream Out Loud.

What was the original line up?

Chandresh and I did all the songs. I came up with the lyrics as well as melodies and he did the rest which included producing and arranging all the instruments. We did the entire album without a bassist and a drummer. Once the songs were recorded we got Lindsay to play drums and Naresh to play bass. So that was the first line up of Dream Out Loud.


Chandresh Kudwa - dream out loud band
(Chandresh Kudwa)

Your most memorable show

That would be in St. Andrew’s auditorium. It was a semi acoustic gig with some changes to the arrangements of songs. Personally, it was very interesting.

Unknown facts about the band

There are songs that we have recorded and even played live, we never really ended up releasing them.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8r9jIdLrF4]


How do you look back on Dream Out Loud’s journey?

Overall, it has been a great journey. It had its ups and downs, but it was fun.

Are we going to see Dream Out Loud back on stage?

At the moment, there are no plans as such. But you never know, anything is possible!


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uW1iBnsh5vQ]


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