SoundCloud partners with Squarespace, Adobe to offer new benefits for artists

SoundCloud has partnered with Squarespace, Adobe, Discord, and Rap Plug to offer enhanced benefits to artists on their platform. These partnerships expand SoundCloud’s “SoundCloud for Artists” Member Benefits program, which provides offers and discounts from various music industry brands and services.

Artists who are part of SoundCloud Next and Next Pro will now have access to a range of benefits. Squarespace will offer them unique music-themed domains, while Discord will provide three months of free Discord Nitro. Rap Plug will grant access to over 30 free courses by industry professionals, and Adobe will offer a 20% discount on Adobe Premiere Pro, as well as trials of Adobe Express Premium.

Tracy Chan, SVP of Creator at SoundCloud, acknowledged that being an artist today involves more than just creating music. Artists also have to manage their online presence, create assets for social media, and build a community. The partnerships with Squarespace, Adobe, Discord, and Rap Plug aim to make things easier for artists by offering benefits that assist them in all areas of their career.

Kinjil Mathur, Chief Marketing Officer at Squarespace, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating that it aligns with their core values of helping artists establish their digital presence, build attractive websites, and connect with audiences across various platforms.

SoundCloud has been actively improving its creator offerings since launching SoundCloud for Artists in 2022. They have introduced various updates, including the Fans tool, direct messages on mobile, an enhanced Comments tool, a global licensing deal with Merlin, and additional member benefits partners like Feature.FM.

More information about the specific membership benefits available to SoundCloud Next and Next Pro artists can be found on SoundCloud’s artist portal.

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