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SoundCloud invites all abandoned artists from Spotify to join its music distribution service



SoundCloud is standing by all of those artists who are disowned by Spotify and potentially boosting its distribution service in the process.

“Today, we’re calling all independent creators who have been impacted by recent changes on Spotify and Stem to come to SoundCloud to learn more about what the world’s largest audio platform can do for them,” the company blasted ahead of an Instagram Q&A.


Hosting the Instagram Q&A session was Jeff Ponchick, VP of SoundCloud-owned Repost. SoundCloud announced its acquisition of Repost in May and is wasting little time ramping its clientele.

“With the acquisition of Repost, an invite-only distribution service offering distribution, content protection and marketing to its thousands of clients, creators have the opportunity to build their careers on their own terms with maximum flexibility based on where they are in their career,” Ponchick stated.

Earlier, Spotify decided that it didn’t want to be in the music distribution business. That includes direct uploads into Spotify and distribution to competing platforms, all of which gets canceled this month. Accordingly, artists participating in Spotify’s beta-stage distribution launch are being forced to relocate in less than 30 days.

“We’re working with our distribution partners to help make this transition as simple as possible for the artists who uploaded music through the beta, ” Spotify said in a statement. “At the end of this month, we’ll stop accepting any new uploads through Spotify for Artists, and artists will need to move their already released content to another provider.”

Shortly after the announcement, SoundCloud tweeted a gif of a “Sorry, we’re closed” sign which flips as the store opens for business. “Here for all creators since day one.”


SoundCloud also addressed artists from DIY platform STEM, which ditched its open distribution platform in June, reportedly abandoning tens of thousands of artists.

The SoundCloud recently acquired invite-only distribution platform Repost, which it plans to deploy for the fallen indies.



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