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Sound Right Webinar Punjab Edition- Key Takeaways


The Punjab music industry is way ahead in terms of money and music consumption than any other regional music industry in the country.

The rise and fall of singers, music videos with over-the-top production budgets that accumulate hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, new sensations born virtually overnight and the thrill of taste-making, Punjab listens today to what India will hear tomorrow can all get overwhelming.

Sound Right- Adding Punch To Your Songs (Punjab edition), a webinar on the importance of good sound quality, presented by Indian Performing Rights Society (IPRS), and Music Plus, supported by Dolby celebrated its second edition on the 4th of March, 2021.

The panel was moderated by KJ Singh, who is a National Award and Filmfare Award-winning Sound Engineer. The panel included Rabindra Narayan (MD & President, PTC Network), Diljit Singh (VP, Unisys Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd), Mayank Gandotra (Head of content, Oppo) and Neha Bhasin (Singer-songwriter).

Key takeaways from the Sound Right- Adding Punch To Your Songs webinar.

  • There are tests that have been done which clearly said if you have recorded in a high resolution and then you pour it downwards to a lower resolution, but because it has been recorded in high resolution the transfer of that MP3 sounds much better than if you have recorded the same at a lower resolution. I would encourage most engineers and producers that please record at the highest resolution KJ Singh


  • We have 104 Facebook pages that we run, we have audio record labels, we have 2 recording studios and we have started funding the music. So, we get good singers through our talent show Voice of Punjab and Chota Champ. We record them, we invest in them and then once they become a star we set them free Rabindra Narayan


  •  Unisys primarily is an aggregator. We also have a premium Punjabi music label known as Saga Music. Technology is paramount to us. We always look at the way to monetize and deliver the music better. As a distribution company, we work with all the major streaming platforms and all these platforms have their own set of configurations that we need to fulfil. Now, with the emergence of Dolby into it, we are the first global company to deliver the Dolby content to these platforms Diljit Singh


  • Customer experience and customer friendliness is our core competency. We are powering the best technology solution on both high end and low-end phones. We’re providing the best hardware and software so that the music which has been created reaches the customer in the right format Mayank Gandotra


  • It is a responsibility of an artist to only put out the best quality content because it is also business at the end of the day. I have started my career with a big production so for me quality definitely comes first. Everything you put out should not be casual work but the quality should be the finest. Even if it is taking a lot of money out of your pockets, I believe qualitative work is what will define your legacy Neha Bhasin



The panellists discussed the importance of adapting to new technologies while creating music and consumption of music. . The Land of five rivers is overflowing with artists and music labels, all competing for stardom and revenues. There are some 400 registered labels, with some 20 leading the pack and we hope that the advancement and adaptation of new technologies will definitely add a punch or more to the songs.

If you have missed the webinar, you can watch it here

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