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Shazam partners with Instagram to allow users to share songs



Instagram has been pushing music-related features in the recent past, and now it has further integrated its third-party app integration with Shazam support.
When a Shazam user opens the app to discover a song, they’ll see a button that will allow them to directly share it on an Instagram story. Followers who view the story will then be able to click a button that says “More On Shazam,” which will open the Shazam app to the song’s page.

Apple officially completed its acquisition of Shazam back in September after nearly a year of regulatory approval hurdles. As part of that acquisition, Apple made Shazam ad-free. This update is the second major update to come to the app since the Apple acquisition was completed.

The new function is the most recent move by Instagram to incorporate music services and companies into its offerings. In the past several months, Spotify, Eventbrite and most recently SoundCloud have all announced functionalities with Instagram to allow users to share songs and buy tickets from within Instagram.

Shazam enables users to identify songs in a matter of seconds simply by listening to it, and works anywhere with any audio source. Once the track has been identified, user gets a ton of options about what to do next, such as open it in streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music, buy it on iTunes, or share it via your social media feeds.

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