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Shahin Badar’s latest “Jaag” Remixed by DJ Podje (4SuMotion), DJ Juttla and Kaya Project


Shahin Badar, award-winning British Indian Singer/ Songwriter, released 4 Remix versions of her latest single ‘Jaag’, in support of women empowerment. The remixes have been produced by world famous EDM Producers like DJPodje from Ireland of “4SuMotion”, he has produced the Vocal & Dub Mix. The 3rd tack has been produced by UK DJ & Producer Juttla and the final track is also produced by UK based Kaya Project.


‘Jaag’ is an edgy and hypnotic song about women empowerment, that revolves around awakening one’s resolve for independence, breaking the shackles of misogyny and appeals to the listeners to move forward without being tied down by age-old customs and norms. Shahin Badar is world famous for her vocals in The Prodigy’s 3 U.K. No.1 albums, the Alaap chants in the banger ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ made her legendary and ‘Get Up, Get Off” further added to her popularity. The multi million selling album, ‘Fat of The Land’ made Shahin Badar the recipient of a Triple Platinum award and got her an entry into the Guinness book of records in 1999 for the fastest selling UK album.

Shahin Badar, a versatile Award winning Singer/ Songwriter, has collaborated with various world renowned producers across the world covering music genres like EDM, Trance, House, TripHop, Pop, Sufi over which she implemented her production ideas. Her collaborations includes the likes of Indian Ropeman, Bobina, Gemini Brothers, Noise Control, Doug Laurent, Kaya Project, Gio Makyo, Jah Wobble, FX, Fraser T Smith, Twista and Juliet Lewis and many more. She is also credited with successful albums like ‘Laila’ and ‘Destiny’, Shahin Badar’s vocal contributions feature in over 50 international film and TV soundtracks. like the UK Music Hall of Fame, the Lara Croft Tomb Raider:2, Charlie’s Angels, Scary Movie 2, Closer, US sitcoms North Shore and Kevin Hill, and Sky News broadcasts. She has also sung in Bollywood movies for A.R. Rahman in Zubieda & Yuva, Dhai Akshar Prem Ke to name a few.

The first two remixes Vocal & Dub are produced by DJ Podje of 4SuMotion fame. DJ Podje earned his reputation with his 10 year residency at the internationally renowned, U2 owned Kitchen Nightclub in Dublin Ireland. He has performed at all major Irish and International Dance festivals too. Since reigniting his music career in 2016, he has had numerous tracks released on various labels around the world (under the guises of Podje & Ping & 4SuMotion).The track is a perfect fusion of Asian and European music and crosses over genres to be a floor filler in House, Tech House or Progressive house sets. The rework flows with purpose from the instant it starts,encapsulating a wealth of driving harmonics peppered throughout, a hypnotic groove and pounding percussion. The track is full of attitude, punchy and driven, with a dark slant, yet tasty melodies.


The third remixed by Dj Juttla, who is a renowned DJ & UK Producer. DJ Juttla has been a driving force in the asian Electronic music scene for three decades. Founder of the well-respected label Eastern Pressure Recordings, his debut album ‘Angels, Aliens & Assassins’ solidified him in the scene and led to him playing live at Glastonbury Festival and at venues/festivals all over the UK, as well as rocking dance-floors in Africa, Holland, Belgium, Poland,France, Italy & Sicily.


The fourth remix is by Kaya Project, founded by Seb Taylor and Natasha Taylor of UK.they have achieved acclaim for their Asian Dub and World fusion Music, releasing five albums since 2004. They have performed live sets worldwide and produced music for various television programs such as Sleeper Cell, Advertising and a BBC documentary entitled “Buddha, Bees and the Giant Hornet Queen”. Kaya Project has featured on several Buddha Bar compilation albums.

Shahin Badar is currently in India to promote her single ‘Jaag’ with Live shows all over India. Interested parties may get in touch with us.

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