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Session launches ‘Creator Credits’ to embed credits in songs during creation



Recently, Session (formerly known as Auddly), announced the world’s first end-to-end ecosystem for creator credits in collaboration with leading music industry performers. Creator Credits is an initiative that aims to help music creators be correctly credited for their work.

Creator Credits helps music creators effortlessly assign credits in the studio at the point of creation and automatically supply those credits downstream to managers, labels, music publishers, music rights societies, distributors and streaming platforms.


Why are credits important?

For the last 17 years, the music industry has been rapidly changing.  The introduction of the internet, along with large amounts of free content has lead to the devaluing of recorded music.  In the days of CD’s, consumers were forced to buy physical products if they wanted to hear a song. Now, streaming services allow listeners to access huge libraries of music for only a small monthly fee.

These trends have caused payment models to change drastically within the music industry.  Streaming services are supposed to pay artists a small fee every time a listener plays their song.  However, unreliable methods of documenting these plays may cause artists to miss out on revenue that they have earned.  Many artists release music independently these days, without the help of a record label. This method of distribution may be beneficial to artists.  However, the lack of business structure often leads to engineers and studio musicians missing out on credits for their work. These credits are essential for music industry professionals, and building a resume can be extremely difficult without them.

The fact is that creators (and publishers and managers) often end up spending ridiculous amounts of energy struggling with missing info, disputes, and incorrect payments and credits. Session as an organisation came to the realization that this doesn’t have to be complex at all and brought years of brainstorming into reality.

Niclas Molinder CEO, Session, “We are super excited to announce this project and our collaboration. I’m convinced that the best way to involve the creators in the data collection is as early as possible in the creation process. Session’s technology performs a short handshake with music society systems to authenticate creators and associate their vital industry identifiers with their account.”

Creator credits can easily be added to a song throughout the production process by automatically associating industry authenticated songwriters, musicians, producers and editors and their contributions. Session will also seek to ensure that recordings of songs have full credit information attached to them from the moment they enter the world.


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The aim is to embed this information into digital music files. Session will be integrated with the Pro Tools software, allowing for both the logging and the verification of various music industry identifiers. The IPI code for songwriters and IPN for performing artists can be included, as well the ISNI, which identifies content contributors of various types. It will also record the ISRC recording identifier and ISWC composition identifier.

“With Pro Tools software at the core of many of today’s music production environments around the world, the Avid team shares in the vision that all contributors to a piece of music or any audio work should be clearly identified, recognized and rewarded appropriately throughout the production and distribution process. We are particularly excited to enter a technology collaboration with Session and work with key players in the music industry to provide a durable solution to the challenges associated with capturing and recognizing creators’ credits in an increasingly complex digital world,” said Francois Quereuil, Director of Audio Product Management, AVID.

Creator Credits might just be the platform that the music industry desperately needed

Session aims to become the entire industry’s transparent reference point of what happens in studios worldwide and make it accessible to those who need it to register, pay and credit the right people with no room for misunderstanding. It forms a new music industry infrastructure where the data is clean, transparent and correct for everyone.

“When a creator walks into a Pro Tools powered studio their presence will be automatically detected and their identifiers, along with their typical contributions, can be easily added to a song.” Molinder added

Universal Music is also among the partners at the initial stages of getting Session’s product off the ground.

“UMG is proud to work with Session’s team to make the process of assigning credits even easier and to ensure that the important work of contributors to songs and recordings are widely available. In addition to our own efforts, we have been working closely with Bjorn and Niclas for a couple of years on the development of this platform as part of our commitment to a robust and effective crediting system for the benefit of the entire music ecosystem,” said Barak Moffitt, Executive Vice President of Content Strategy and Operations.

Once the song is distributed to a streaming service, fans will have the opportunity to enjoy a richer listening experience by accessing more information about their favorite songs. Streaming services will have richer creator data at their disposal enabling fans to discover more music they love and to follow their favourite performers, songwriters, musicians, and producers across their career.

Session is a song data hub, founded in Sweden by Niclas Molinder and backed by Max Martin and Björn Ulvaeus, to fill the gap in the music industry’s data and money flow. It allows music creators to collect their song data and make it accessible for the business side, in order to secure transparent and correct credits and payments for everyone involved.


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