Saregama launches Padhanisa: An AI-powered music learning app

Saregama, India’s oldest music label, has introduced Padhanisa, an innovative app designed to simplify Indian vocal learning for users worldwide. The app aims to cater to individuals who love singing but have hesitated to learn due to limited resources or fear of judgment.

Padhanisa offers a personalized learning experience, tailoring each session to address the specific goals and needs of every learner. Using advanced algorithms and machine learning, the app adjusts lesson plans according to the user’s progress and preferences.

With Padhanisa, users receive tailored recommendations based on their vocal range, along with warm-up exercises and targeted workouts to enhance their skills. The app provides a comprehensive assessment after each level, allowing learners to track their improvement.

In addition to personalized lessons, Padhanisa features Live Masterclasses conducted by music experts. These sessions offer in-depth knowledge about music concepts and provide opportunities for participants to clear their doubts through interactive Q&A sessions.

Furthermore, Padhanisa empowers singers to showcase their talent and earn recognition by sharing singing videos through the app. Participants also have the chance to audition for Saregama’s Talent Hunt program.

Vikram Mehra, Managing Director of Saregama India Limited, expressed his enthusiasm for Padhanisa, emphasizing its role in nurturing aspiring singers. He believes that everyone has the potential to sing well with the right training, and Padhanisa serves as a convenient platform for personalized music learning. Users can download the Padhanisa app to embark on their personalized musical journey and enhance their singing abilities.

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