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Samsung partners with Spotify and YouTube Music to offer premium services for free



Samsung Electronics have announced strategic partnerships with Spotify Technology and YouTube Music by providing users with access to premium tier content for free on mobile devices.

New Spotify consumers in the U.S. with Samsung Galaxy mobile devices, including the just-launched Galaxy S10, may qualify for six months of free Spotify Premium. 8th March onward, Spotify has also been pre installed on millions of new Samsung mobile devices globally.

“We were very excited to be named Samsung’s go-to music streaming service several months ago and today’s news will only ensure a more seamless Spotify listening experience across devices for listeners around the world. This partnership makes it easy for Samsung mobile users to access their favorite music and podcasts on Spotify, wherever they are and however they choose to listen,” said Sten Garmark, VP of Consumer Products, Spotify.

Spotify has been deeply integrated with Bixby, Samsung’s intelligence platform, designed to work across Samsung’s ecosystem of devices, Spotify also enhances the Bixby Home screen by providing Spotify content and recommendations tailored for each listener.

“Our goal is to deliver the best possible mobile experience to our consumers, and Spotify is the ideal music partner to help us make that vision a reality. Whether they’re listening to the latest hit albums or checking out their favorite playlist, we’re giving eligible Galaxy S10 users access to an amazing six month Spotify Premium offer,” said Patricio Paucar, VP of Marketing, Samsung Electronics America.

As previously announced in August 2018, Spotify became Samsung’s go-to music service provider. Spotify will continue to support Samsung devices this year to enable Samsung and Spotify users to discover and enjoy music in new ways.

Samsung has also teamed up with YouTube Music. Users can now access four months of ad-free YouTube services on new Galaxy S10 phone, Galaxy Fold, and Galaxy Tab S5e. YouTube Premium includes access to YouTube and YouTube Music without any ad interruption.

Unlike with the Spotify deal, it doesn’t appear there are as many limitations with this giveaway. The deal isn’t limited to the United States, anyone anywhere can take advantage of the deal, assuming YouTube Premium is available in your country.



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