Roposo & The Dharavi Dream Project partner to showcase emerging hip hop talent

Roposo announced a special collaboration with The Dharavi Dream Project (TDDP) on International Hip Hop Day. Through this partnership, Roposo is committing to hosting more than 30 live streaming sessions every month on their platform exclusively for the students of TDDP.

The Dharavi Dream Project is a hip-hop school in India, with a strong dedication to nurturing and cultivating hip-hop talents among underprivileged children from Dharavi. This initiative aims to improve the lives of young people who might not have many opportunities. It gives them a creative outlet to express their emotions and energy while also giving them a chance to be heard globally.

So far, the project has positively impacted more than 200 Gen-Z students, offering mentorship and training in various hip-hop elements like rap music, beatboxing, graffiti art, and more.

This partnership was announced on International Hip-Hop Day, celebrated on August 11. Roposo hosted a full-day live show featuring accomplished young talents from TDDP. The showcase allowed these artists to demonstrate their skills in dance, rap, and various hip-hop expressions.

Notable participants from TDDP included Bboy Kancha, known for his breaking style, Ayush – a versatile rapper, and Bboy dancer, as well as Vikram, a respected mentor and b-boy. The performance also featured the exceptional Bboy Mayur, TDDP’s youngest champion.

During the event, viewers also had the chance to learn about the origins and goals of TDDP through an interview hosted by Roposo creator Karan Parihar. This conversation involved TDDP’s visionary Co-Founder and the aspiring performers, providing deeper insights into TDDP’s impact and journey.

Mansi Jain, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Roposo said, “Our association with The Dharavi Dream Project reaffirms our dedication to nurturing emerging talent who can have a significant impact on the lives of the Gen-Z. We deeply believe in the influence of Hip Hop, which holds the capacity to ignite inspiration and foster unity across diverse backgrounds.”

TDDP’s co-founders Dolly Rateshwar, Sushant Yattam, and Tejashree Pol echoed their excitement about the collaboration. They highlighted how this partnership bridges gaps, promotes collaboration, and empowers underprivileged hip-hop artists, reshaping the narrative of the industry and creating a stage for all talents to shine.

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