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Rhythm House could be a cultural hub for a whole new generation



According to several reports, one of the Nirav Modi properties, Mumbai’s Rhythm House has been seized by the Enforcement Directorate (ED). Following that, Chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra expressed his interest to acquire the property and make a concentrated endeavour in bringing it back to its old glory. Rhythm House could be an epicentre to promote arts, an innovative cohort of music and musicians.

As per his Twitter handle, “If the ED is going to eventually auction Rhythm House, how about a bunch of us in Mumbai collectively acquiring it, restoring it & turning it into a performance venue for Rising musicians & a hangout for music lovers? Happy to be part of such a band.”

According to the responses from Mumbaikers, they are ready for a crowd-funded initiative for the restoration. Prashant Govindan of Harman (JBL) also stood by him saying that they are happy to donate gears to bring this iconic landmark back to its glory days.

Vishal Dadlani stated, “Sir, I’m in. I’ll happily chip in, curate, organise management, and do whatever else is needed. It could be a centre for a whole new generation of music and musicians. Much needed.”

‏Replying to Anand Mahindra, Luke Kenny stated, “Let’s do it, sir!!! A great example will be set and history will be made.”

Veteran musician Ranjit Barot also replied, “Great idea, count me in! #Slavetotherhythm.”

To the known and unknown, situated in the cultural heart of Mumbai, Kala Ghoda, the Rhythm House has been an iconic spot and went soundless in 2016 March. The oldest store has sold from LP, VHS, cassettes, CDs, VCDs, DVDs and Blue Rays in the past. A similar structure also exists in Berlin. Once the Mumbai structure is acquired, it can be a sister platform for international interactions as well. Mumbai needs to protect its heritage.  Let us spread this to the masses and people who feel proud of being a part of this. Let us add our weight and be a part of the pride. It is great to see the passion for music bringing like-minded people together. Make it happen!

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