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The Return of the IndiPop Diva, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi



The girl next door, the one your mother would love but so will your best friend. This girl in the 1990’s was Suchitra Krishnamoorthi
Singer, model, actress, Suchitra was accepted by the masses right from when she first appeared on the screen in a popular teen series. Growing up she was the girl who was always singing on the stage. She acted as Lucy in the popular musical Peanuts. As a model, Suchitra endorsed some of the biggest brands in the country. Her Bollywood debut was no less than spectacular.
Then she disappeared.

“I was around but I was so engrossed in being a mother and single parenting is quite hard. I quit acting and music after marriage as my husband did not want me to continue with it. My daughter has just left for college in Boston so now the time is perfect for me to pursue music. Agar main kuch nahin karungi toh pagal ho jaaungi,” smiled Suchitra.

Though she was singing on the stage since a young age, her talent was never utilised in movies she starred in.

“Kundan Shah regretted not using my voice for a song in his movie, Kabhi Haa kabhi Naa. I met him a few months before he passed away. He was still regretting not recording a song with me. He thought my voice was apt for a few songs in the movie. As I had a modelling background, the music industry never took me seriously,” quipped Suchitra.

A few covers of English songs got her recognition as a singer. Suchitra found her way through the musical maze and finally landed herself a record deal with Magnasound. Dole Dole, Dum Tara, Jabse Dekha, A-ha, Zindagi were some of her songs to hit the top ten charts. The pop diva has worked with composers like Himesh Reshammiya to Andrew Lloyd Webber but never wanted to be a playback singer.

It was around the same time when Suchitra got married that even Indipop slid in popularity. The independent musicians were left in a lurch. A staunch supporter of independent music, Suchitra feels that it needs the right boost now as there are many avenues for artists to gain recognition.

“I think that economics has to start working out because film songs are backed by high budgets and independent artists cannot afford to compete. It needs a big-money push. Then, hopefully, we will again see the rise of non-film music stars,” asserted Suchitra.

The return of Suchitra Krishnamoorthi

Fans who follow Suchitra on social media would know how active she is on these platforms. It was on one of these platforms that RJ Anushka got in touch with her. One of Anushka’s favourite song is Dum Tara and she expressed her desire to do a recreation of the song with her idol.

“She sent me some notes of her singing and I could sense that she had the calibre to sing. We fixed up the recordings and she would take suggestions from me. I would tell her that her version has to be different and I am always ready to support her,” said Suchitra.

With Sony Music onboard, Dum Tara will be the first official recreation of an Indipop song featuring the original artist. Suchitra even stars in the video along with Anushka. After this, Suchitra will release another single called Saavan Barse. Acknowledging the fact that she no longer can sound like the pop star she was in the ’90s, the song will feature a mellower and mature voice of Suchitra.


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