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Ranveer Singh announces new Independent Record Label IncInk



Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh has teamed up with filmmaker and music evangelist Navzar Eranee to launch an independent music record label called ‘IncInk’. The label will look to unearth the future superstars of the music scene in India and present their raw talent to a global audience.

“We launching some raw, immensely talented, new rap and hip-hop artists who we believe will be the next superstars of the scene. Hindustani rap/hip hop is telling our nation’s story and reality. We at ‘IncInk’ want to bring out the real poets of our generation. I hope that we can present some of the strongest, boldest voices of Indian youth to the world,” said Ranveer Singh.

IncInk is an independent music company formed by artists, for art. ‘Inc’ stands for Inclusive and ‘Ink’ for Inkalab, revolution through art. ‘IncInk’ is Inclusive Ink and an Inclusive revolution. Their aim is to create an infrastructure where artists from different mediums can collaborate without restrictions. By being inclusive, IncInk will create authentic music, art, and film which will provide a voice and a platform for artists. In essence, IncInk is an end to end solution for artistic freedom.


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Speaking on the launch, co-founder Navzar Eranee said, “Art can comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. Music has always inspired me to think and act beyond my perceived limitations. As an artist bubbling with a point of view, I grew tired of safe conversations and diplomacy driven by economic interests.”

Anushka Manchanda a.k.a. Nuka & Shikhar Manchanda a.k.a. RĀKHIS has come on board as the Head of Music. ‘IncInk’ have opened their roster by signing three talented rappers, Kaam Bhari, SlowCheeta and Spitfire.

“We intend to sign and promote several more artists, who are exploring various genres of music, in the days to come and showcase their music to India and the world,” asserted Ranveer.

The first release of Ranveer Singh’s label IncInk features rapper Kaam Bhaari

Today, IncInk released their first single, titled ‘Zeher’ written and performed by Kaam Bhaari. The song is produced by Shikhar Yuvraj Manchanda (a.k.a. RĀKHIS). Zeher is a hard-hitting song that challenges the prevalent conforms of the Indian music industry boldly.



About the decision to start their independent label by launching rap and hip-hop artists, Navzar added, “Rap allows for a bold and direct approach. We can speak our truths, learn, educate and maybe even inspire somebody outside of ourselves. Oppression must be faced with bravery and creativity. We often face injustice every day. By bringing these subjects to light through art, we can recognise them and take action. Rap lends truth to the idea that art is mightier than the sword.”

Ranveer Singh’s love for music doesn’t come as a surprise. The actor not only starred in Zoya Akhtar’s musical ‘Gully Boy’, he even rapped in the song ‘Apna Time Aayega’.


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