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Quick five with Zublee Baruah



From the land of Red Rivers and Blue Mountains, Zublee Baruah with her team is back with sequel Maati –The Folk Factor (Vol. II) after four years. Here are five quick questions to the talented Assamese singer and composer.


1)  Why did you choose folk as a form of music for your album?

Known to depict the deep rooted elements of nature, love, humanity and devotion, folk music emphasizes on the simplicity of existence. I am keen to represent folk music in the global arena; it is the diversity of our cultures which reflects in our folk music, I am proud of presenting it with my contemporary compositions.


2)  What challenges did you face while composing folk music?

From researching to composing folk music, it has been a continuous learning process. Creating something new in folk music is different and challenging than any other music genre. When it comes to folk music, people belong to different cultures and are extremely emotional. One needs to be particularly careful of the lyrics and make sure not to hurt anyone’s sentiments.


3)  Who are the musicians you collaborated with for the sequel of Maati?

Apart from the musicians of Assam, I collaborated with some of the eminent musicians of India. The most dynamic stroke player of India Tapas Roy, popular guitarist Sanjoy Das (Bapi) and renowned flautist Paras Nath added an extra zing to Maati (Vol. II).


4)  Recently two of your singles were released and we hear both the tracks were a part of Maati?

Yes, the two singles Mahadeva and Maati O Maati are in Hindi which was released in December. Both the compositions were beautifully penned by Chichi. The Assamese version of Mahadeva was a part of the first Vol of Maati – The Folk Factor.


5)  What is in stored for your fans in 2018?

With three albums lined up, one being Hindi and two Assamese along with few Hindi singles, Zublee is looking forward to 2018. She has also recorded and shot five new mashups that comprise of Assamese folk with Bollywood, Punjabi and Sindhi.

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