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Quick five with Yassin Ligali Ali aka Yaya



Yassin Ligali Ali, best known as Yaya; is all set for his India debut. He will be here for a multicity tour from 2-4 March 2018 in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi. Since his teenage, his approach towards music has been fascinating as he started performing as a drummer before he landed in Ibiza at the age of 17! After spending so much time in the electronic music space, in the last 15 years, many things have changed, “The one thing that surprises me the most is the facility that we have nowadays to create music,” he stated. Music Plus caught up with the producer for a quick chat where he spoke about his vision in the electronic music space, his sound, his gears, how he enjoys working on the rhythmic section of a track, upcoming release and how Russian girls are his ‘weakness’! Did you know that he is ‘addicted’ to coconut water and he can do the ‘Moonwalk’ better than a lot of people? Read on.

How does the creative process work for those electrifying tunes? For a producer, is it essential to hold an advanced understanding of numerous instruments/equipment?

I think the most important thing to make good music is to have good ideas. The studio instruments are fundamental to achieve a great quality on the final product, but this could be relatively significant too. I know a lot of artists that made real hits using only their laptop and just some plugins. There are tons of new plugins, instruments and analogue gears which are very intuitive and not so bulky, so it’s also very easy to travel with them on tour.

While structuring or conceptualising a track what are the major details you mostly focus on? What gears/equipment are you using nowadays?

I really like to work on the rhythmic section on a track because for me it’s the funniest and easiest part. Sometimes I get lost for days into the melodies as I think it’s another notable part, if properly treated. I mostly work with Elektron, Moog Voyager, Maschine and some other gadgets.

Music sounds great on Vinyl. How important is learning the art of mixing on Vinyl before getting into CD’s and digital?

The debate between vinyl vs digital vs Traktor is endless and maybe will never find an end. In my opinion, a DJ, who is recognized as a DJ, should definitely know how to play and deal with a vinyl. If I wouldn’t know how to use it, I would have been ashamed to be called a “DJ”.

Seeing that you’ll be debuting in India for a multicity-tour, what are you looking forward to the most? Any dream collaborations?

I’m so excited and curious to play in India for the first time and I hope that the crowd will be mostly native. It’s a new experience for me and I definitely can’t wait to play there!
I will surely release some big collaborations on my own label Tamango Records but it’s too early to reveal more details…. Time will see!

Tell us more about your label Tamango Records? Any upcoming projects you are working right now?

My label Tamango Records was born in Berlin a year ago because I felt the desire to give life to something unique and very personal during my DJ career. It perfectly represents my vision of sound and I can also give the opportunity to young upcoming talents to be a part of this project. I had extremely good results with the first three releases and the first two showcases (Berlin and Rimini) and I can’t wait to show you more during 2018.

My new remix for Javier Carballo will be released next week on Black Wood Records and I have a big EP-collaboration coming soon on my own label Tamango. I have another remix to be released for Sece on Hector’s Vatos Locos. In this period I’m really productive and I’ve made a lot of music, including a 5-tracker EP with the guys of Picca & Mars.

Apart from making music and DJing, Yaya loves to practice martial arts and it has been 17 years now. His personal favourites are Full Contact and Muay Thay because these two disciplines make him happy during the day (except some gym sessions). He can stay awake for days without sleep! Kudos to DID 360 for making it big. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in Mumbai on 3 March at Kitty Su.

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