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Quick Five with the Buttering Trio



Talk about a celestial amalgamation of loop-based rhythms, live instruments, fat basslines, together with pleasing yet poignant lyrics, Tel Aviv’s Buttering Trio is one of the successful musical groups in Israel. The trio, Rejoicer, Beno and Keren Dun defined their music as ‘Downtempo beats, smooth and funky.’ Music Plus caught up with the trio as they look forward to ‘get inspired’ in India during a multi-city tour from 8-11 February 2018.

How did you guys meet and act as a team for an experimental production?

The three of us got together around 2010 by the power of music. We were all making beats individually, and when we first started producing together, it was definitely magical. It’s rare when three people manage to work together in the studio, expressing individuality, and leaving space for the others.

Tell us the history behind the quirky name Buttering Trio?

The name Buttering Trio came up during the year that we lived in Berlin. This was at the beginning of the band. We use to love this little bakery that sold butter-rings which were actually very big bagels. We loved the name and embraced it.

Having played and shared the stage with renowned musicians at several venues and festivals, any favourites?

Flako is one of our favourite producers. Ever since we played with him at Magnetic Fields in 2016, we’ve been even more in love with him. Also, Georgia Anne Muldrow with whom we played in Tel Aviv and Berlin.

Music influences you would like to mention?

Nina Simone, Herbie Hancock, J Dilla, Flying Lotus, King Tubby, The Beatles among others.

Apart from touring, any upcoming projects you want to talk about?

We are currently working on our fourth album which will hopefully be released later this year. We are also working on our first album which will be in Hebrew and not in English.

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