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Although originally discovered by her father, Singer/Lyricist Shruti Pathak’s talent found full expression after her huge debut, ‘Marjawaan’ from Fashion by Salim-Sulaiman. Having sung for a number of movies, independent projects, and her own singles, Pathak has become a household name in the scene for quite sometime now. She’s extensively worked with biggies like Vishal-Shekhar, Amit Trivedi, Pritam, Nucleya, and Sachin-Jigar amongst others. Her renditions in Coke Studio, MTV Unplugged, international and national shows, and her increasing list of hit songs have earned her a loyal fan following and a fare share of success in the industry. With a recent release, a single, and few upcoming releases ahead of her, Shruti Pathak stops by for a quick five with Music Plus.


How do you balance creative growth and commercial success?

Creativity is life long and success is a part of it. The key is to not rely completely on success. Your belief in the art form and creativity is the most essential. If you’re passionate about what you do, the commercial success will only add, but definitely cant take away nothing from your art. While you sing a song with conviction even if it’s not your forte is commercial growth I believe and then for your creative growth you already have other platforms where you do the music which your soul requires. Commercial or not, music has to happen.


What comes more naturally to you, words or notes? Tell us more about keeping your indie bug going

Both actually. But I’d say notes. A simple instrumental piece can be so effective and influential in our lives. And words just take it to the next level. So, both go hand in hand I suppose. As for keeping my indie side going, I think it’s a very important outlet to express yourself. And it gets amazing if you can put it out and reach out to the kind of audience who’re looking for that kind of music. I’m so glad most artists right now are also focusing on non-film music. It might take a little while for indie music to be mainstream but as an artist it’s our responsibility to keep trying. We are and should feel answerable to the generation next.


How dependent are you on technology? A trend you don’t want to follow?

Not much actually, I’m quite technologically challenged you could say. Social media, it’s such a task! It drains me at times but I try as much as possible in my little capacity because that’s where I get to interact with my fans and followers.


‎More on your recent and upcoming releases.

My recent release ‘Soniye Dil Nahi Lagda’ from Baaghi 2 is a beautiful song. I still remember, I had a broken foot when I recorded this song, but totally enjoyed singing it. And I’m very glad the amazing composer duo Gourov and Roshan chose me for it. Kumaar has penned the lyrics. He and I worked on ‘Tujhe Bhula Diya’ (film Anjaana Anjaani) earlier, and this is my second with him. He’s so fabulous, it’s always a pleasure working with him. Ankit Tiwari has done a great job too. Considering the current trends of songs being re-dubbed, it will be difficult to talk about the upcoming songs. But definitely I can say that some really cool stuff are coming up soon.


‎A song you’ll cherish all your life and your current muse?

Mar Jaawaan. My Tailor made debut song. I owe everything to it. Music is my muse. Current and forever! Can’t imagine life without it.

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