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Quick five with Shashaa Tirupati



A continuous celebration of sheer talent, brilliance, and great music, Shashaa Tirupati slayed in 2017 with back to back smash hits. The singer bagged a number of awards, one being the Best Playback Singer (Female) for Kanha from Shubh Mangal Savdhaan. Today, the 30 year old is the voice behind hits like Humma Humma, Baarish and Sunn Bhavara from Bollywood and many more from South Indian industries. Brought up in Canada, with family roots traced back to the beautiful valleys of Kashmir, this gorgeous singer dropped out of med school to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. Running away from all the comforts of life, Shashaa chose music for life. Music Plus caught up for a quick five with the multi lingual singer who is all set for a power packed 2018.


Describe your musical journey from South to Bollywood? 

I think I have had an extremely filmy journey. All the extremes in life so much so that they can make a movie on my life. Moving to Mumbai and not having a place to live, being on the road or railway station. Saving 3 bucks, 4 bucks or 6 bucks for a vada pav. I kind of ran away from home for my career while people run away to get married. I have zero regrets and I won’t change a thing of how I made it as a singer. I have always worked hard and I will continue to work hard sifarish kyun lena.


Having sung over 35 songs with AR Rahman, how has the experience been? 

He is the man who introduced me to this world. For me, it is more of Rahman Sir trusting in me and using my voice in the right spots. I have always wanted to sing in different compositions, languages and styles, Rahman Sir quenched my thirst. I couldn’t have been more humbled for the kind of songs that he has hand-picked for me. He never asked for previous discography, Rahman Sir trusts in your competency and he will extract the best out of you.


Your thoughts on Independent Music in India? 

I think with the internet, more people are kind of shifting, especially with our generation. Kids these days, 16 or 17 year olds, they will listen to any and every song. They will imply that Bollywood is not cool, but they are really open to independent music – this can act as advantage to those who are in the industry. For someone like me who is in both industries, my loyalty lies with Bollywood. At the same time, the artist in me – not just the vocalist, but the whole package as musician I have an inclination towards independent music. When you are writing you own music, lyrics, composition, production, arrangements – basically, everything expresses you. It screams you!


Music influences you would like to mention? 

I think curiosity has influenced me. Also, heartbreaks helped in my compositions. Back in the day, when I used to listen to music, I would always be like ‘what is that sound’. For 3 years, I was assisting and co-composing with Tanishk (Tanishk Bagchi) that is when I learnt the nuances of music production.


Any upcoming projects? 

Yes, I am recording songs for Bollywood films, along with Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam films. I have just finished recording a Japanese song. There are a couple of singles too. I won’t be releasing an album, as the idea is to keep releasing singles as and when they are done. Currently, I am working on five songs. Hopefully, the first one will be out in March or April. It is a beautiful blend of Punajbi Folk and rock, but there will be some electronic components to it.

For Shashaa, playback singing is something she will keep doing all her life. However, she does not want to limit herself, as she would love to explore the independent live music scene and be a part of the Weekenders and Sulas. Not just Indian music festivals, but international ones too. “Let’s take our music abroad so the people know what our musician’s approach to music is,” concludes Shashaa.

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