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Quick Five with SANAM



From bonding over music to being India’s YouTube sensations, Sanam has come a long way. Formed in 2010, this independent four-piece band continues to focus on creating great musical content. The lead vocalist, Sanam Puri got together with his brother Samar Puri and his close friends, Venky S. aka Venkat Subramaniyam and Keshav Dhanraj to make music and go beyond Bollywood. Named SQS Supastars then, the band won the Times Music Pop Band Hunt. Forward to today, the mellifluous band,  Sanam is the artist of the month on MTV Beats Spotlight. Music Plus caught up with the band to talk music and much more.


As the artist of the month MTV Beat’s, what do you have in store for us? 

Venky S – It’s amazing! MTV BEATS is a fun, young and a vibrant brand with a loads of masti, excitement which resonates with our band as well. Being associated with MTV Beats is really special for all of us as we’ve all grown up watching MTV! Viewers will see us all of February on Dil Beats – a specially curated show which revolves around love, romance and everything mush, premiering 14th February.  Romance as a genre has been evergreen. Collaborating with MTV Beats for the month of love has been one of the most exciting projects so far and we’re confident that the viewers are going to love it as well.


Are you working on any upcoming projects or collaborations?

Samar Puri – We closed our collaboration with MTV Beats and released our fun Punjabi dance-pop track Sanam Mennu exclusively on MTV and MTV Beats.  It’s a quirky take on modern day relationships and how one can love his/her partner yet not entertain every little whim and fancy of the other. The song is written by Siddhant Kaushal. We’ve written more songs with him that we’re very excited to release this year.


Keeping your band aside, are you working on your playback career? 

Sanam Puri – I’m not actively pursuing playback singing, as there’s a lot going on here that keeps me occupied in the band SANAM. I like the freedom of composing and writing melodies while making songs that keeps me happy. It also makes me maintain a balance between my professional life and personal life.


Your YouTube channel is gaining massive popularity which mostly focuses on covers. Are you coming up with any original songs?

Keshav Dhanraj – We’re grateful for the love and support shown to us by our subscribers. We released an album of original music called SANAM Revolution at the start of the year – it’s an independent release of 9 original tracks and one rendition of Rabindra sangeet. It’s available on leading audio streaming services. 2018 looks exciting, We’ve written many new originals to be released later this year. Few of the originals that we’ve written are in Punjabi. And each song is different from the other; there are dance songs, ballads, electro-pop/synth pop, rock songs etc.


What are your strategies for connecting with the young audiences you cater to? 

Sanam Puri – Our subscribers love to tune into live chats on social media. That is where we get to interact with them on a regular basis – before a new release, to thank them for birthday wishes, etc. Live concerts are also great platforms to interact with our audience and especially the youth. We get to engage with them at a meet and greets conducted after or prior the show. Sometimes there are opportunities to interact with the youth in events for a good social cause.

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