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One of the pioneering rock bands of Kolkata, Fossils has been around since 1998. Armed with powerful lyrics, heavy riffs, kickass drumming and a superb stage act, the band is considered as one of the ground-breaking rock acts in the Bengali music scene. These Bangla rock superstars have fans spanning across generations and their fan base continues to grow with every single album and blistering live show. The band is currently composed of Rupam Islam (lead vocals, acoustic guitar & composer), Deep (guitar, backing vocals & composer), Allan Ao (guitar, backing vocals), Chandramouli (bass, backing vocals) and Tanmoy (drums). Their music is a blend of blues, rock and psychedelia coupled with Rupam’s strong vocal renditions. After two decades of existence, Fossils have just embarked on their maiden India tour presented by Hard Rock Café. The tour started on January 18 at the Hard Rock Café, Kolkata which will be followed by gigs across Mumbai (March 15), Pune (March 16), Bengaluru (March 29) and New Delhi (March 30). Ahead of their performance at Mumbai, Music Plus caught up with the rock stars for a quick five.

How would you describe your musical journey from 1998 to 2018?
When we started, we were pretty certain no one would listen to our music until much later in the future when
someone would discover our music, much like an archaeological relic (hence, the name Fossils). But here we
are in our 20th year. So yeah, the journey’s been great! We are grateful to be doing what we love doing

Music influences you would like to mention.
We are open to all good music irrespective of genre; retro or contemporary. All five of us have very diverse
tastes and it is that diversity that throws up interesting approaches when we make music.

How do you see the approach of Independent music scene in India?
The Indie music scene in the country has really evolved and grown in the last ten years. The music being made is exciting and there are some great festivals and venues. However, there’s still a dearth of gigging venues across the country that would enable artists to perform regularly.

Being a Bangla band, what are your strategies to connect with the audience from different parts of the country?
To cite an instance, our last music video ‘Janla’ from our latest album was at the number 2 National trending spot on YouTube for a while. Today, the internet has made geographical location and distance redundant. An artist can release their music in one corner of the world and it will be available worldwide that very moment. On our part, we are very active on various social media platforms which allows us to share our music and connect with our fans.

Fossils performed in many parts of the world. Why did this 5-city India tour take 20 years?
Better late than never! With newer venues coming up, it is encouraging to see venues and organisers like Hard Rock Café and BandEdge Talent Agency, who are passionate about pushing the envelope with regards to artists who perform in regional languages. We hope to see more venues in the country hosting regional artists, going forward.

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