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Quick five with Brit-Asian rapper Raxstar



Mostly for all the Punjabi music lovers, singer/rapper Raxstar does not really need an introduction. Best known for his ‘Urban Desi’ sound, sharp lyrics, and versatility, Raxstar recently released a single along with a music video Rewind featuring Amar Sandhu on Saavn. The video was directed by Daniel Alexander, and the song was composed by Lyan Roze; whereas the Brit Asia Best Urban Asian Act (2014) winner, Raxstar garnered full support for his creativity from Saavn. He actually studied Film & Drama at university, however, he wanted to be involved in something artistic and creative. “While I was studying I would also make music and perform and fortunately music took off for me as soon as I finished my studies,” the British Asian rapper told us in an interaction. According to him the Indian music space, be it commercial or non-commercial, is very diverse with so much ‘demand for originality’ as well as familiarity. The growth of Hip-Hop as a genre is very exciting. I remember when it was frowned upon, but I think the rebellious nature of rappers is endearing to people who feel as though they have been forgotten,” Raxstar added.

In a candid chat with Music Plus, Raxstar opens up about his latest music video, future collaborations and more.

Following on from global hits Jaaneman to Rewind feat. Amar Sandhu, how would you describe your sound that has the influences of Bollywood and R&B?

I would describe it as Urban Desi. Inspired by western music I grew up with particularly hip-hop and R&B and like you said Bollywood and Punjabi music that I was raised around. These two genres merge in my work.

Tell us more about Rewind? How did it happen?

Lyan is a super talented young producer from the UK and we both wanted to work together. He sent me a demo version of the music and I was inspired to write about a summer love. Reminiscing about great memories created with a loved one. Amar Sandhu is super talented yet very underrated, and I wanted to work with him too. His melodies are so great and after we got together on a call and discussed the lyrical direction of the chorus we were able to complete the song very quickly.

You have collaborated with over several artists and we hope this list continues to grow. How tough is it to collaborate with so many different musicians?

It is very rewarding. I like collaborating because it gives you the chance to get out of your comfort zone and also helps to build a comradely amongst artists. This industry can be very lonely so it’s always good to connect with people who understand the highs and lows we go through. I welcome working with different musicians, it definitely pushes me further in my creativity.

Any favourite artist you’re currently listening to?

I really like Ty Dolla $ign, his voice and cadence are very unique. I’m also very proud of fellow artists Arjun and Zack Knight who are doing great things in the scene at the moment. I think PropheC is criminally underrated too.

With a global fan following, do you ever plan to get into Bollywood? Any upcoming projects you want to talk about?

I have featured in my very first Bollywood project last year, the song Kala Doriya by Neha Bhasin from the movie Kaalakaandi. That was a great experience; hopefully, it will lead to more opportunities. I have an album called Glass Ceiling coming out. I am touring and have a lot more music and collaborations coming out this year.

Last but not the least, this is for our readers and of course the fans of Raxstar. People who do not know, Raxstar loves cooking and he is ‘very good’ at it. Also, he can read and write Japanese. “I don’t trust barbers with my beard, I groom myself,” he signed off with a smirk.

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