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Quick five with Ben Watkins of Juno Reactor



From ranking amongst the all-time huge names of electronic music, innovating with every one of their studio albums, to performing stunning live shows at major music festivals like Glastonbury, Roskilde, Fuji Rock, The Glade, Boom, Ozora, and many more, Juno Reactor’s journey has been like no other. Juno Reactor released their first single, Laughing Gas in 1993 on the NovaMute label. This was soon followed by their debut album, Transmissions. Seven more full-length albums later, Juno Reactor is ready with their new banger ‘The Mutant Theater’. In the words of Ben Watkins, front man of Juno Reactor, “The Mutant Theater is a fun fantasy show that also holds a small mirror to the world we live in.”

juno reactor - The Mutant Theater


Known for their cinematic fusion of electronic, global influences, and orchestral symphonic approach, one of their biggest achievement was collaborating with composer Don Davis for the musical score of the Hollywood blockbuster, The Matrix. Music Plus had a small tete-a-tete with the England-based Ben Watkins, who himself is just like his music…lucid and in your face! Read on.


How has life changed after The Matrix?

After working on the Matrix life seems like it is in slow motion, as the experience was so full on and incredibly exciting at the time, I have found my limits of how hard I can work if I have to.

How do you feel before going up on stage to perform?

I love it, it is one of the best feelings. I used to be nervous before, but now unless it is a new show, I feel relaxed and just go out there to enjoy the moment.

Juno Reactor


What goes through your mind if you can’t connect with the fans?

I have played places as a DJ when I thought WTF but doesn’t happen very often. It is an experience when an unexpected set hit it real hard with the people.

Talk us through one of your most memorable incident while performing live.

I once had a lighting rig fall down from the top of the stage, right where I had been standing. The stage caught fire as someone left a brandy bottle there, I carried on playing while the authorities doused the fire.

Juno Reactor has a lot of Indian influence, how did that happen?

I have loved Indian music for a long time, so when I came to Bombay I met up with a lot of musicians and Hamsika Iyer and I decided to record at the Blue Frog Studios.

Juno Reactor


Juno Reactor’s upcoming album The Mutant Theatre is due for release on 22 June,2018. In its trail will be a wave of shows spanning across continents this summer. Japan, Australia, Europe to USA and surely India, Juno Reactors birthplace of music as per Ben.

This is one tour we surely don’t want to miss! Stay tuned.

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