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Quick Five with Amit Trivedi



From performing with his band Om to a National Film Award-winning composer, Amit Trivedi’s musical journey has been magical. The man who calls himself a ‘director’s composer’, is a film guy, not to say that he is filmy, but that he works with cinema. Music Plus caught up with the quirky composer for a quick five session and here is what he had to share.

How would you describe your musical journey?

Since childhood, I’ve been into music. I live, eat, drink and breathe music. I can’t do without it. However, I never thought that I’ll be a composer. Music is the one thing that makes me very happy. Of course, there are ups and downs, failures and successes, all of them are a part and parcel of life.

How does the creative process work for those electrifying tunes?

I try to gauge the mind of the director and understand his vision, followed by thinking and finally get down to writing. The writing process starts from the narration or the script that I read. Again, the thought process is primarily a jamming session between the director, lyrics writer and me. Sometimes the melody comes first and sometimes the lyrics, whichever works for that particular situation. If a lot of preparation is needed in terms of the genre or script, I go into a zone and I’ll just do whatever it takes to get that right.

Music influences you would like to mention?

I’d love to learn some jazz from Chick Corea, Bobby McFerrin and the way he does vocals. Some electronic musicians like Brian Transeau aka BT, the way they produce music is inspirational.

How do you see the approach of Independent music prospect in India? Do you think independent music ‘scene’ in India is run by corporate sponsors?

They’re definitely helping independent artists by providing them with a platform. Otherwise, where is the independent music scene? There is a fantastic independent music scene with great bands full of talented artists and singers. There are so many out there and they don’t get a chance! This is the best place, it’s great that so many festivals and events are happening.

Any upcoming projects?

As of now, I’m working on Blackmail, Raid and Bhavesh Joshi. With these three films to work on, I’m just going kind of mad.

Amit Trivedi will be performing at SulaFest 2018 for the first time and seemed pretty excited. “I want to come and see everything. The energy, the crowd and the overall vibe of the festival. Especially with the international line-up. If time permits, of course, I’d love to come on the 3 February and see the entire thing. And, of course, my set is also what I’m most excited about. I’ve divided my set into two parts, the first part is only for ears and next is for legs. It’s a mix of film songs and original songs from Coke Studio,” he summed up.

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