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Quick five with Godless – A journey from Hyderabad to Wacken Open Air 2018



From Hyderabad, India emerge Godless, the winner of Wacken Metal Battle India 2018. With constant thrust, a faltering delivery, and bucket-loads of power, Godless convey their message perfectly and go straight for the jugular, speaking out against the diseases that plague modern society. Their first EP ‘Centuries of Decadence’ is considered to be one of most notable albums to ever come out from the region. They say “Metal is a genre that isn’t for everyone. It isn’t easy music to listen to but despite that, it is also one of the biggest genres in the world with the most passionate listeners. This genre will never be a mainstream form of music and its perfectly fine by all the listeners if it stays that way.” With an aesthetic that’s dark and fascinating, they are preparing to launch their second EP this year and touring the country in support of it.

Music Plus caught up with Godless who are going to perform at the Wacken Open Air 2018, world’s principal heavy metal stage this August.


For those who have not heard of Godless, could you please give us the history of the band?

Godless was formed in late 2015 in Hyderabad. After Skrypt split up, Abbas and Ravi, who play bass and guitars respectively, recruited Shock Therapy drummer Aniketh and put out a demo with a session vocalist from New Zealand with the intention of looking for a permanent vocalist. We then recruited Bangalore vocalist Kaushal, who was (and is) a part of Eccentric Pendulum and Orchid.


What made you choose the name Godless? Does the theme of your songs revolve around anti-religious agenda which made the pioneers of death metal popular?

The band’s music is relentless and uncompromising, so we went with a name that reflected that. For us, it represents living life on your own terms without the irrational mental crutch of religion or imaginary beings, be it “god” or unicorns.

Coming to the themes, it’s a misconception that all death metal lyrics are anti-religious. Our lyrics mostly revolve around the morbid, the macabre and fear of the unknown.



What are you looking forward to at WOA 2018? What are the preparations?

Well, Wacken is the biggest metal festival in the world, and all of us have, at one point or the other, dreamt of playing there. So, this is pretty huge for us. The era of Godless has only just begun. Honestly, we are looking forward to the bands. A lot of our favourites are playing the festival this year, so we’re quite stoked about that. Also, we look forward to meet and network with people in the industry from all over world.

Prep? We’re going to be rehearsing our asses off. Pretty much.


What does it mean to be a death metal band in India? What do your families think about metal music?

The metal scene in India is still in its infancy compared to most other countries. It’s definitely growing but it’s nowhere near Europe and the US. Death metal is a more extreme form of music so the general Indian public does not understand or really enjoy this style of music. Things are improving though, with a lot more bands releasing music and a few bands even touring internationally.

Our families don’t really understand the music so they don’t think much of it and they’re just happy to see us do our thing.


What do you think about the growth of Indian metal bands?

Growth for Indian metal bands has been quite slow over the past few years. There’s hardly any venue that support it and next to no money involved. This tends to demotivate bands and they eventually break up or musicians move on to other things. We really try and push ourselves to keep practicing regularly irrespective of whether there is a gig coming up or not. Apart from that we also try to keep writing music and try to keep releasing music as often as possible. We try to stay active constantly and keep busy with the band.

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