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Quick five with the Bass Raja – NUCLEYA



Udyan Sagar, better known by his stage name Nucleya, is one of India’s well-known electronic music producers. His exclusive usage of Indian street sounds has made him a countrywide phenomenon, and he’s managed to bridge the gap between independent music and mainstream music. Udyan’s rise to the top was preceded by decades of struggle, and before he became Nucleya, he was well recognized for having founded Bandish Projekt. Now as Nucleya, he has countless milestones under his belt, along with some much-loved albums under his name and the astounding ability to sell-out a stadium.

Adding another feather to his cap, Nucleya is all to set to judge for Amazon Prime’s latest offering Remix, a one of a kind music reality show alongside Amit Trivedi and Sunidhi Chauhan. Music Plus caught up with Nucleya for a quick five.


This is the first time you will be judging a reality show, What made you say ‘yes’ to Remix?

The format of the show is too virtuous. The good thing about the show is there is no public voting. Only judges can decide what will happen and how it will happen. All the judges are well experienced in their respective crafts, we want the power to remain in our hand. It is different from other shows since there is no involvement of TRPs. Not only the singer, but the producer, too, will also get equal credits which is a nice balance.

Do you believe reality show helps an artist to grow?

If you are a good singer with the fire in you will come in the eyes of the world irrespective of your outcome in the show. Arijit Singh is a great example. Ultimately, it is about you, your art, and the drive to move forward which decides your fate.

From Bandish Projekt to Nucleya, how will you describe the transition?

This has been a hectic and a very long journey. I have learnt something new at every single turn of my life. I did lose a lot of things, but I have gained far more than that. Recently, Bollywood has also been receptive, something that I wanted to see. Only if this would have happened a decade early, I might have not struggled for 15 years. Overall, it has been an incredible journey of learning and growing as an artist.

There are several youngsters who want to become a DJ. What is your take on DJ-ing as a profession in India?

I think there is nothing wrong in it. It is a lucrative market. If you know the kind of music you want to create, the kind of Disc Jockey you want to be with a good team backing you and work systematically – you are sorted right there. There is massive amount of money in this business.

What is in store for 2018?

I am currently working on a number of new collaborations. Apart from this, there are around 10 songs in the pipeline. Also, I will be releasing a new album this year around August or September. There are a couple of new music videos and film projects too. Like SubCinema in 2017, this year we will be coming up with a completely new show.

Looking forward to a power-packed year, Nucleya is excited to work on new genres, singers and producers.

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