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Most popular artistes on Spotify in the past decade.



This month marks 10 years since Spotify officially launched its music streaming platform. Spotify has risen to be the global music streaming giant. Since its inception, music fans all across the globe have discovered new artistes/songs or have rediscovered long forgotten favourites. Artistes not only gained recognition amongst fans but have even gone on to become global superstars. Pop-star Lorde, Glass Monkeys among many others were discovered on Spotify before they went on to top the charts. Artistes have not been shy from promoting themselves on the platform. Be it by just uploading their songs or by podcasts. Playlists such as Discover Weekly and Release Radar, along with over 3 billion-plus user-created playlists make finding a new song or hearing a new band as easy as opening the Spotify app and pressing play. With roughly 180 million active listeners across 65 countries, a library of over 40 million songs with 2000+ genres, Spotify is the largest music streaming service across the world at this moment.

On the 10th anniversary of their existence the music streaming platform took a look at some of the biggest discoveries in music, as seen on Spotify, via artists and fan insights, in the past decade.

Check out the songs and artistes on Spotify’s newly curated Decade Of Discovery playlist.

Top 10 most-streamed artists globally:

Top 10 most-streamed artists globally


Top 10 most streamed albums globally:

Top 10 most streamed albums globally


Most streamed songs globally by year:

Most streamed songs globally by year

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