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Phonographic Digital Limited-Monetizing music in the digital playfield



The exponential growth of digital markets shown in less than two decades, have put conventional models at stake challenging the very ABCs of music business. With the digital space becoming central to every musician and music professional’s career, it is primordial to fully understand this ecosystem and learn how to use it to its full potential.

Two of the many concerns that everybody is battling – revenue generation and content security. Addressing this concern, Phonographic Digital Limited (PDL), a global Digital Music Collection Company supported by more than 250+ right owners worldwide come with the motto of helping maximize right owner’s revenue. Mainly engaged in licensing of copyrighted sound recordings and audio-visuals in mobile and digital mediums, PDL’s expanding member base only proves their relevancy in today’s times. Karan Grover, CEO of PDL, stops by for a quick chat with Music Plus.

What is PDL?

PDL is a one-stop shop. If you are an artist and have an album to release, obviously you go to music labels to provide you with marketing, publicity, etc. But today, a lot of marketing is moving digital. The artist himself is a brand and through social media, he can make it big. So we are a one-stop solution for artists to deploy content across platforms under various verticals and help them monetize it.

Phonographic Digital Limited(PDL)What are you currently focusing on? 

We only represent sound recordings. We are not a registered society, we are a collection of music labels right now and our focus presently is not on public performance revenues, because till our societies are formed we are not allowed to collect public performance revenues. The focus is currently on digital and the “Sideloading” business. A lot of shops do sideload that doesn’t get monetized. Let me explain. So if you buy a mobile, you can get it transferred. But the lesser privileged people usually buy a memory card and just load it with content. Now that needs to be monetized. This is “Sideloading”. So we have a business called “Mobile and Music” where we issue annual licences to these shops who are into “Sideloading”. Owners are at least getting some revenue, rather than letting it go by. So the focus is digital and “Sideloading” right now.

How to become a member?

The easiest way is to go to PDL. Everything’s online and absolutely free. Owners have to complete certain formalities, after which they become members.

Into the future 

It is a continuous job, as the business environment is continuously changing. We are at the helm of it. We try and update ourselves so we can then update our members and partners. Its ever changing. Every month there is something new. The good news is, at least there is a structure happening to this madness. The madness will continue because you are in the trading business and there is no reason why we should curtail this madness! This is the reason our creative juices spurt. But the idea is to bring method to the madness.

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