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Pentagram take on Nine Inch Nails


They’ve been around for close to three decades and are considered one of the pioneers of Indian rock. But this weekend, Pentagram will interpret their take on American band, Nine Inch Nails as part of the ongoing Paytm Insider’s Jim Beam Originals series of gigs. The performances feature Indian musicians putting their original spin and signature sounds to international acts. Next week, we’ve got Soulmate belting out the mellow tunes of Bob Marley.

The four-piece electro-rock outfit has a legacy that begins in 1995, with four bestselling albums under their belt. The first Indian band to perform at the Glastonbury festival in 2005 went on an indefinite hiatus in 2014. Taking a break followed a kerfuffle around “administrative issues” as per frontman Vishal Dadlani. But since then, the four members – guitarist Randolph Correia, bassist Papal Mane and drummer Shiraz Bhattacharya along with Dadlani had a comeback gig at the NH7 Weekender festival in 2017. “We never really broke up,” said Correia in an article in Rolling Stone preceding their performance in the same year.

Now, on the eve of their Nine Inch Nails virtual performance, Correia chats with Music Plus about what’s to be expected. “It’s going to be hard to strip down such a production-heavy band, to be honest,” admits Correia. “But we will keep the integrity and the punk aspect on top; then [focus on how those] emotions would translate into that set up. It’s just [going to be a celebration] and we are happy to be making some noise that we like.”

For the composer and guitarist, Nine Inch Nails is a band with a lot of memories, especially when he first started playing guitar and producing music. “It’s dark, sexy and real AF,” he says. Naturally, that connection will translate on stage, even if it is a virtual one. Although, Correia wishes it wasn’t. “Live is where it’s at, and always will be.”

Post their gig, there are talks of Pentagram releasing new material but Correia’s remaining tight-lipped about that. We’ll just have to wait and see.


Check out Pentagram’s interpretation of Nine Inch Nails on October 16 here


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