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PDL India to launch a new CRM system – Infinite Soul



Phonographic Digital Limited (PDL) is the one-stop global digital music collection company. While providing the highest level of transparency and efficiency, PDL is all set to launch an initiative, Infinite Soul, tomorrow, 6 June 2018 in Mumbai.

Confirming the news PDL CEO Karan Grover stated,

“Infinite Soul is a CRM system where every member will get online access to revenue reports as well as all the analytics online. There is no human interface that brings complete transparency for the artist viz. on which platform, how and the amount of revenue that has been generated.”

Talking about the programme, this new initiative, Infinite Soul, he explained, there are three sources of revenue when it is about operators. One is CRBT, one is IVR, and the third one is a full track service. All the reports that come from these operators, without any human intervention will be incorporated into the interface of Infinite Soul. Thus, Infinite Soul is a content management plus revenue reporting system. Since there will be no human involvement, there will be no delay in delivering reports and everything will be available online.

“250+ members of PDL will get live access to their performance, reporting and analytics of their content. The idea is to continuously work with integrity and transparency, it is a continuous process. Technology is the biggest edge we want to bring into this business,” he adds.

Formed in 2017 September, the agenda behind forming PDL was to maximise value for sound recording owners in today’s digital age. The company distributes and licenses music to every possible platform. Registered under the company act 1956, PDL focuses on mobile operating licensing of audio visual content, online store licensing of copyrighted sound recordings.

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