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PDL and Dailymotion announce a strategic partnership



Phonographic Digital Limited (PDL) India and Dailymotion have today announced their partnership as part of their common drive to share more local content with the rest of the world.

Asserting their commitment to delivering content of premium quality to audiences while safeguarding the interest and protecting the rights of various artists, Mr. Karen Grover, CEO PDL said

 “Given the diversity of India and resurgence of independent music” adding that “it is now easier to communicate globally the true cultural diversity under a unified experience ‘Infinite Soul’.

Dailymotion will be benefited by the addition of nearly 150 music labels and almost 200 brand new channels onto that PDL shall provide on its platform. PDL would be able to serve over 300 of its members by expanding its services to the audio-visual sector. PDL member content will now be available under an overarching brand, ‘Infinite Soul’.


Infinite Soul

(pic : Infinite Soul)

Maxime Saada, CEO for Dailymotion, said,

“We are very proud to be partnering with PDL, a recognized partner within the Indian music industry. This partnership will help raise awareness of Indian artists and music among Dailymotion’s 250 million monthly users, in line with our overall ambition to deliver premium content to worldwide audiences.”

PDL is a global digital music collection company supported by over 300 rights owners, with offices in many states of India. PDL was started with an intent to maximize value for sound owners in today’s digital age.

Dailymotion is currently owned by Vivendi and headquartered in Paris with offices in New York, Singapore and Marseille. This partnership between PDL and Dailymotion is committed to spread Indian music within the region and worldwide.


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