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New YouTube Music and YouTube Premium Goes Live in 17 Countries



YouTube’s music streaming service, YouTube Music is rolling out to all users in 17 countries after testing out to a limited group last month. Along with this, the video company is also rebranding YouTube Red as YouTube Premium and launching it in these 17 countries.

The app’s recommendation engine monitors factors such as where they are in the world, what time it is and what the weather is doing and serves music it deems appropriate as a result.

The home screen of the YouTube app dynamically adjusts to provide recommendations and songs that users have played before. The mobile YouTube Music app offers users three immediate options: ‘Home’ and ‘Library’, in addition to ‘Hotlist’ which displays the newest videos in the user’s location. Another unique feature is Offline Mixtape, which automatically downloads songs users love for future playlists.

The standard YouTube Music Premium subscription costs $9.99 (£9.99) per month, or $14.99 (£14.99) per month for a Family Plan.

YouTube Music features


A YouTube Premium subscription provides users with full access to YouTube Music Premium, plus ad-free, background, and downloads across all of YouTube. YouTube Premium members also get access to the full slate of YouTube Originals shows and movies including the hit series Cobra Kai, Impulse, F2 Finding Football and The Sidemen Show. Current YouTube Red and Google Play Music members (including family plans) in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico will automatically receive access to YouTube Premium at their current price.

Google Play Music subscribers in all other countries will automatically receive access to YouTube Music Premium at their current price as it becomes available there.

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