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Music licensing company PPL UK has made its largest ever distribution to performers and record companies



PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited) has declared that it paid out £150.7 mn in June, the largest ever distribution to performers and record companies. The payment is increased by 12% on the previous record distribution of £135 mn last June on the previous highest amount (£135.0 mn in June 2017).

According to the release by PPL, there has been a record distribution of £150.7 mn in June this year and over 86,280 performers and record companies received the payment. PPL distributions are resulting from the revenues generated by the licensing of recorded music when broadcast and played in public, both in the UK and internationally.

The June distribution included a record international value of £25.7 mn up by 39 percent (£7.2 mn) on the previous largest amount (£18.5 mn in September 2017). PPL has collaborative relationships with its equivalent collective management organisations (CMOs) around the world. This entitles PPL to collect revenue on behalf of performers or record companies when their music is played in relevant countries. With this latest payment, substantial collections have been distributed for performers and record companies from Germany (GVL), France (ADAMI), Netherlands (SENA & NORMA), Belgium (Simim) and the USA (SoundExchange) with the first payment of monies from PPL’s recently signed agreements with Lithuania (via PPL’s new agreement with AGATA) and South Africa (SAMPRA) also being distributed.

PPL Chief Executive Officer Peter Leathem said:

“PPL’s latest distribution of £150.7 mn sets a new high for the company. Over 86,280 performers and record companies received a payment – over 5,800 more than this time last year (an increase of 7 percent). With our investment in technology, continued focus on customer service, and our drive to keep improving the quality of our data, we continue to deliver positive results that benefit performers and record companies, both in the UK and around the world.

Our specialist knowledge of the neighbouring rights market, combined with our relationships with UK licensees and global collective management organisations, help us to collect monies that enable music makers to continue making the recorded music that is used and enjoyed by businesses, on radio and on TV.”

In an ever-evolving industry, these international collections are an important revenue stream for performers and record companies. PPL now has 90 collection agreements in place around the world and it receives over a third of all performer neighbouring rights payments moving between CMOs globally.

With information on over 11.5 mn recordings, the company is able to guarantee that performers are correctly connected to their repertoire and support record companies with managing their recordings, which improves the quality of data.

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