Multi-city Creator Day 2022 highlights Meta’s commitment to India’s creator economy

Meta‘s annual flagship event to celebrate creators, ‘Creator Day’ took place in Mumbai last week before heading to several other cities in the country. The five-city event will soon reach Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi, however dates and timings for the upcoming events have not been announced as yet.

The annual event, bigger in scale after two years of COVID-induced virtual meetings, allowed fans the opportunity to meet and interact with their favourite creators while showcasing Meta’s ambitions in the country.

Ranveer Singh at the Meta Creator Day event

The multi-city event is testament to Meta’s commitment to the Indian economy. Ajit Mohan, MD & VP, Facebook India (Meta) who delivered a keynote address at the event, said, “We are big fans of creators. Everything we do, all our products and features is based on one thought: how can we empower the people who have a story to tell, an insight to share, a song to dance to? Without a doubt, a key pillar of India’s new economy is going to be built and fuelled by people like you.”

He also stressed on the importance of Reels highlighting its contribution to the world and a focus area for the company. “You may be a creator or an influencer but on Reels, we believe, you are on the journey to becoming a global icon,” he said.

Additionally, Nicola Mendelsohn, VP, Global Business Group, Meta was also present at the event and delivered an address that spoke about the company’s direction and focus in the country. In an interview with Economic Times, she said, “Mark [Zuckerberg] is all in on India. He’s leading (work) on the new products. And so many of the new products are coming out of India. Reels and messaging on WhatsApp have exploded here. The investment on Reels in India has been ahead of many countries around the world.” She added that the WhatsApp JioMart partnership has been a great example of social commerce and that India been at the forefront of global innovation. Everyone according to Mendelsohn has their eyes on India in a bid to learn from the work Meta is doing with creators here.

With more than 500 attendees including creators from all over India, Creator Day 2022 was headlined by actor Ranveer Singh along with international creators Kili Paul and Daniel Mac, and Indian creators Faisal Shaikh, Jannat Zubair, Awez Darbar and Saransh Goila.

For details on upcoming Creator Day events, see the Meta Facebook page.

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