MTV India and T-Series collaborate to globalize Indian rap via MTV Hustle

In a significant development within the music industry, MTV India and T-Series, have teamed up to forge a strategic partnership revolving around the popular rap reality TV show, MTV Hustle.

Initially introduced by MTV India in 2019, this show is said to be instrumental in elevating India’s underground rap scene into the mainstream. This partnership, a first-of-its-kind for non-fiction content in India, will see exclusive music rights for worldwide distribution, expanding the reach of the show and nurturing budding rap professionals on a global scale.

Under this three-season agreement, all the original music created during Seasons 1, 2, and 3 will be made available to a global audience through T-Series’ distribution network. This move is set to offer unmatched exposure to the diverse musical collection curated by MTV Hustle.

Anshul Ailawadi, Business Head – Youth, Music, and English Entertainment, said, “MTV Hustle 2.0 has been a trailblazer in India’s hip-hop movement, establishing rap as the voice of choice for contemporary youth. T-Series, a trailblazer in the Indian music landscape, is the ideal collaborator to propel South Asian hip-hop to a global audience.”

Bhushan Kumar, Managing Director & Chairman of T-Series, said, “The music engendered by MTV Hustle has resonated profoundly with audiences and is deserving of the recognition it has garnered. Our partnership with the program is intricately aligned with our overarching vision to broaden the global outreach of Indian music. We are enthused by this distinctive partnership, which will serve as a platform to further the musical journeys of both established and emerging talents.”

MTV Hustle, with its focus on talent, performance, technique, and storytelling, has introduced fresh voices from India’s burgeoning rap scene. Serving as the ultimate stage for rap in India, the show has propelled artists like King, EPR, MC Square, Srushti Tawde, and Paradox to remarkable heights.

MTV Hustle 2.0 has churned out over 100 original compositions in under 10 weeks, embracing diverse musical genres such as Bollywood, Sufi, Folk, and Regional rap. These songs have set trends and garnered over 1.3 billion organic views on the Kaanphod Music channel, accumulating more than 9 billion impressions. Over 30 videos from the show have notched up views exceeding 10 million.

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