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Massive downfall for iLove Pen Studios in the ninth week of BARC 2020



In the ninth week of BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council) all India (U+R) data shows a massive downfall for iLove Pen Studios which fell down to twelfth position from the seventh place with 24229 (‘000s) impressions. Whereas on the other side there are channels which are rising from their positions. 9X Jalwa comes up to the seventh position from the eighth with 50487 (‘000s) impressions. Zoom also has risen from its place and marks its position on the eighth number rising from the ninth position with 42857 (‘000s) impressions. Aaho Music comes up from its favourite spot and gives its place to Zee ETC Bollywood, is seated on the ninth position this time with 36123 (‘000s) impressions. Zee ETC Bollywood  comes up and takes the spot of Aaho Music and stands on the tenth number with 27302 (‘000s) impressions.

Music India comes up to the eleventh position from the thirteenth as compared to the last week with 25000 (‘000s) impressions. Bindass also faces a downfall with one position lower than what it was on the BARC report last week and sits on the thirteenth position with 19879 (‘000s) impressions. Talking about the channel which is seated on the first position is none other than B4U Music with 129815 (‘000s) impressions. Mastiii has also been stuck to its favourite place which is the second spot on BARC report with 120528 (‘000s) impressions.

9XM also maintains its position and is on the third spot with 102973 (‘000s) impressions. ShowBox continues to progress with every week and is seated on the fourth position this time with 84950 (‘000s) impressions. Sony Mix falls down from its position while giving its spot to ShowBox and stands on the fifth position with 84737 (‘000s) impressions. MTV Beats remains on sixth position with 76966 (‘000s) impressions. 9XO remains on the fourteenth position in this week of BARC as well with 2856 (‘000s) impressions. MTV Beats HD stands on the fifteenth position with 2315 (‘000s) impressions. VH1 remains at its spot which is rank sixteenth with 1622 (‘000s) impressions. VH1 HD is on the seventeenth place as always with 257 (‘000s) impressions.


BARC week 9 March 2020
BARC week 9 March 2020
Prachi Agarwal

Author: Prachi Agarwal

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