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Malayalam music review from the second half of August 2019



The 2nd fortnight of August had limited releases in Malayalam. But with Onam round the corner we can expect a windfall in the 1st fortnight of September.


 Aakashanmillenkil – Thureeyam – M.G.Diljith – Saina Music


Composed and sung by M.G.Diljith, this is a very pleasant melody that harks back to the 90’s, when the masters of melody ruled the industry. To his credit, Diljith sounds like a perfect mix of M.G.Sreekumar and P.Jayachandran. From the very limited information available about the film and the artist, this looks like Diljith’s only song in films to date. The arrangements are simple and serve the song well.


 Rating – 8/10



Kanna Karimukilolivarnna – Thureeyam – Sibu Sukumaran – Saina Music


This is a lovely counterpart to ‘Kannane’ from ‘Kanni Raasi’, that we featured in our Tamil list for August Vinitha’s involved singing is what works for this song. The video however is a let down with some amateurish performances (you have been sufficiently warned!) and definitely deserved better. The guitar portions (uncredited) that shadow the song are good.

 Rating – 7/10

Sibu’s other composition for the film, ‘Virunnu Vannu Madhavam’ in the voices of Najim Arshad & Mridula Warrier, is a good composition as well.


Bomma Bomma – Ittymaani Made in China – 4 Musics – Goodwill Entertainments


This is a fun, kid-friendly song from Mohanlal’s next and features a mix of Malayalam & Chinese lyrics, credited to Santosh Varma & Liu Shuang, respectively. The lyrics point to the protagonist and his family making friends with a Chinese kid. The Chinese chorus (Liu Shuang & Teresa Rose Geo) is endearing. My biggest takeaway from the song that features a stalwart like M.G.Sreekumar is the confident and assured rendition by Master Adithyan. Vrinda Shameek Ghosh is the lead female singer.

 Rating – 8/10


4 Musics, founded in 2003, consists of Jim Jacob, Biby Matthew, Eldhose Alias, and Justin James and hail from Cochin. They are also the founders of the NHQ (Noise Headquarters) recording theatre in Cochin. Their 2016 song for the film ‘Oppam’, ‘Minungum Minnaminunge’, put them in the spotlight.


Nenjakame (Into The Roots) – Ambili – Vishnu Vijay – E4 Entertainment


Vishnu Vijay rounds up Ambili’s soundtrack with another winner, to go with ‘Aaradhike’ and ‘Njan Jackson Allada’. Sung by Shankar Mahadevan and a gorgeous child chorus (Sajani, Idhazhiga, Riya, Kavya, Shreya) the song encompasses the coziness of the characters and the expansiveness of the visuals, all at once. Godfrey Immanuel on the guitars and Naveen Napier on the bass are superb. The portion where the kids chorus alternates with Shankar is enchanting! Madhuvanthi Narayan’s alaap right at the end adds to the embellishment.

Rating – 9/10



Nenje – Kalki – Jakes Bejoy – Goodwill Entertainments


I was left wondering about this full-fledged Tamil song doing in a Malayalam film. Jakes creates an expansive sound that is uplifting and introspective. Mani Amuthavan’s lyrics are noteworthy. I was briefly hummed ‘Nenje Ezhu’ from Maryan. Despite the brief sense of déjà vu, the song holds its own and Ananthu’s inspired singing helps.


 Rating – 7/10


ghazal singer


The song is not on Youtube, but available on streaming platforms.

 Of the 2 leitmotifs, ‘Kalki – Cop Theme’ works well with its spirited sound.

‘March Randam Vyazham’ (composed by Anwar Khan Tariq) was the other notable release during this period and did not work for me at all with its dated sound.
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