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The Executive Shuffle- Latest hirings in TikTok, CD Baby’s expansion in India



Here are the recent hirings from the Indian music industry:

TikTok hires new India-Head & Manager-CoBranding and Partnerships

TikTok has appointed Nikhil Gandhi as Head of TikTok India. He will be leading the development of TikTok’s products and operations in India.

He quoted, “I am excited to be part of TikTok’s journey in India at a time when it is strengthening its overall presence in the country and building a platform that enables creative expression. I am looking forward to working with the team to build a platform that adds value to India’s growing digital community, every day.”

Gandhi quit Times Network in September as COO & President. Before Times, he worked for over nine years as Vice President with Walt Disney.

Alongside, TikTok has also appointed Shruti Nigam as Manager – CoBranding and Partnerships, TikTok.

Shruti said, “Through meaningful marketing Partnerships, I am determined to move forward with courage and positively impact Business Growth for TikTok in India.”

Shruti used to handle GIMA awards (Wizcraft) before joining TikTok.


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CD Baby Hires First International Representatives in India

CD Baby recently announced the hiring of two Indian music professionals to its network of international representatives. Ritnika Nayan, a seasoned music business professional will represent CD Baby and its sister companies, including DashGo, which offers services tailored to labels’ needs in India.

“I have always been passionate about the independent music scene and music education has been my focus in the last few years. I feel CD Baby is one of the few companies that genuinely shares the same vision of empowering artists,” Nayan reflects. “CD Baby is for the artists and it helps artists take control of their music, not just through digital releases, but also through education. I feel truly blessed to be able to help the indie scene in India through CD Baby, this is exactly what our country needs right now.”


Priyanka Khimani, lead partner at one of Mumbai’s prominent digital entertainment and intellectual property legal firms, will offer legal guidance and other support, as CD Baby seeks to offer excellent service and tools for India’s burgeoning independent music scene.

“The entry of entities like CD Baby into the Indian music industry marks the coming of a truly exciting time. The country’s music space today boasts of a glittering range of music creators and artists – across genres – particularly in the independent music space,” notes Khimani. “With organizations dedicated to ensuring that such creators successfully communicate their works and monetise them effectively, I look forward to everything that is in store!”


Earlier this year, CD Baby has announced multiple new-hires as part of their global expansion.


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