Luminate launches a new streaming and sales data platform

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Luminate, the renowned entertainment industry insight company responsible for the Billboard Charts, recently unveiled the beta version of a new streaming and sales data platform.

This announcement comes as the company aims to bolster its global data capabilities, offering a comprehensive array of analytics that shed light on trends, behaviours, and insights across the realms of film, television, and music.

The platform introduces several noteworthy features to enhance user experience. An updated user interface facilitates easy sharing of dashboards, while global filters enable in-depth exploration of data. The platform boasts improved processing speed and grants access to an expanded range of metadata. This includes information on the country of origin and label details. Luminate has plans to incorporate more data partners in the near future, further enriching its already extensive database.

Luminate is also set to integrate various data offerings into the platform. It encompasses categories such as music audience research, film and TV metadata, streaming video analytics, and other related data sources.

CEO Rob Jonas of Luminate highlights the importance of transparency and objectivity in utilizing data across the industry, especially amidst the uncertainty surrounding AI. “There has never been a more pressing time for transparency and objectivity in how data is used across music, film, TV, streaming video content, and more,” he remarks.

Jonas emphasizes that Luminate’s new platform draws upon three decades of expertise and aims to provide a centralized and unbiased source of information. This rich data asset will facilitate prediction and recommendation, becoming an invaluable resource for customers and partners. The company’s focus is on keeping creators informed, honest, and united by a singular reference point.

Arnaud Retureau, Luminate’s Chief Product Officer, acknowledges the feedback received from partners in the entertainment industry during the development of the platform. Their input played a crucial role in creating a user experience that benefits the entire music community. By establishing a central reference point for baseline consumption metrics and expert insights, Luminate strives to provide an effective and useful product. The company looks forward to continuing engagement with partners to ensure ongoing improvements and deliver the most impactful platform possible.

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