Lollapalooza Mumbai 2024: A Glimpse Into India’s premier Music Festival According to Owen Roncon

In an exclusive interview with MediaBrief, Owen Roncon, Chief of Business – Live Entertainment at BookMyShow, shared insights into the upcoming Lollapalooza festival in Mumbai, scheduled for January 27th and 28th, 2024. Roncon discussed Lollapalooza’s unique position in the live entertainment industry, emphasizing its role as a community-building opportunity.

Describing Lollapalooza as more than just a music festival, Roncon highlighted the festival’s focus on creating a space for like-minded individuals to gather and enjoy a “happy weekend” together. He stated, “That’s the real essence of the festival. At a concert, one would come out to listen to their favourite artist or song, but a music festival is a safe space to just be yourself with your friends.”

On improvements for the second edition, Roncon shared, “With massive positive feedback last year, we wanted to tweak things around a bit just to see how we could make the experience more efficient, that was the main focus this year.” This includes addressing efficiency concerns such as shorter lines, easy access, staggered exits, and traffic management.

Discussing Lollapalooza’s commitment to sustainability, Roncon revealed, “Last year, we had a whole tent set up just for waste management. The waste would be immediately segregated and deployed, and through this, we achieved 90% waste management last year.” Initiatives like free water distribution in reusable cups and recycling old instruments further showcase the festival’s dedication to environmental friendliness.

Highlighting inclusivity, Roncon mentioned gender-neutral facilities and freedom of choice at the entry point. He also emphasized Lollapalooza’s consideration for animals, stating, “During the festival, we also plan to put up sound barriers so that the sound cannot travel into the stable area.”

Regarding brand partnerships, Roncon expressed gratitude, saying, “The brands last year got an incredible platform to interact with their consumers, and they want to enhance that engagement even further this year.” He attributed the success of brand engagement to the positive and comfortable experience provided to festival-goers.

When asked about future plans, Roncon teased, “Well, it’s definitely happening again! We’re already talking to artists because we want to have the lineup ready early for the next edition, but that’s all I can reveal for now.” The interview provided a comprehensive look into Lollapalooza’s evolution as a dynamic and inclusive music festival in India.

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