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Latest Tamil Releases- Reviewed



Tamil music releases in the first half of November had something for every kind of music lover. With an assortment of composers and styles, from the now veteran Yuvan (he made his composing debut in 1997 and is only 40) to Ghibran, Tenma & the debutante Sid Sriram, the variety on offer is something that will hold the industry in good stead in the days to come.

Friendship Anthem – Oh My Kadavule – Leon James – Sony Music South

This is a lovely ode to friendship by Leon James and Anirudh is a brilliant choice to sing this one along with M.M.Manasi and the composer himself. Anirudh leads the song with infectious energy riding on Keba Jeremiah’s sprightly guitars. Lyrics by Ko Sesha are nice, with lyrics tipping a hat to stuff that the Millenials can relate to, like ‘Musthafa’ and ‘Ajith Padam’. The ‘Friendship Thaan Soththu Namakku, Nanban Thaan Geththu Namakku’ hook, the backing vocals (Santosh Hariharan, Shenbagaraj & Saisharan) and the Kazoo interlude complement and elevate this breezy track that one will get to hear more often in the days to come.

Rating – 9/10

Azhage – Action – Hiphop Tamizha – Muzik 247

‘Azhage’ is an engaging melody sung stylishly well by Nakul Abhyankar (despite the minor diction issues). It is heartening to see yesteryear actor Ramki prominently on-screen after quite some time. The song loses a bit of steam in the charanam but the ‘En Bougainvillea-ve, Poga Sollathe’ reprise and the Nadhaswaram in the 2nd interlude keep the interest going.

Rating – 7/10

I Want a Girl – Dhanusu Rasi Neyargalae – Ghibran – Sony Music South/Vevo

This is Ghibran letting his hair down unlike some of his other recent outings. Anirudh (again!) is in fine form and owns this trippy track that is pepped up by Ku. Karthik’s fun lyrics. The Pallavi culminating in the ‘I Want a Girl’ line is what really works for this song, that is bound to find favor with the youth brigade once the film releases. Ada Ponga Boss!

Rating – 7/10

Malto Kithapuleh – Hero – Yuvan Shankar Raja – T-Series Tamil

The moment one notices Rokesh’s name credited for the lyrics, you kind of know what to expect. Rokesh is Kollywood’s resident expert lyricist in ‘Madras Baashai’ or the Chennai slang. He debuted with ‘Danga Maari’ in Anegan and has ‘Aaluma Doluma’ (Vedalam), ‘Jithu Jilladi’ (Theri) and ‘Goindhammavaala’ (Vada Chennai) to his credit. This song is also a testimony to Yuvan’s longevity in the industry and how he has continued to stay relevant over the years. Shyam Viswanathan (in the company of an able chorus) is good and the song gains big time from Kumar’s zingy percussions. The trumpets amp up the mood adequately and add to the headiness that creeps in after a couple of listens.

Rating – 7/10

Maavuliyo Maavuli – Irandam Ulaga Porin Kadaisi Gundu – Tenma – Think Music

Tenma’s soundtrack for ‘Irandam..’ continues to spark interest. He follows up ‘Nilamellaam’ with this intriguing track that fuses a contemplative melody sung by Shwetha Mohan with the contrasting title chant. Thanikodi’s poetic lyrics pivoted around flames, fire, and sparks (‘Rekkai Viritthidum Sudargalaa, Akkini Marangalin Malargalaa’; ‘Thanga Panampoo Thugalgalaa, Avai Chinnanchiru Pagalgalaa’) sit pretty on the addictive tune and the nice montage onscreen. I look forward to the rest of the soundtrack and Tenma’s next.

Rating – 9/10

Kannu Thangom – Vaanam Kottattum – Sid Sriram – Sony Music South

Sid Sriram’s composing debut is kind of underwhelming and suffers from a sense of déjà vu, considering the number of similar-sounding songs he has been getting to sing off-late. But to his credit, the song is a simple melody that is aided by some neat choral arrangements that should work better with the film. The ‘Raasaathi, Raasaathi’ bit in the interlude is endearing. Shakthishree Gopalan sounds sweet and does her part well. I will choose to wait for the rest of the soundtrack.

Rating – 6/10

Thuli Thee – Non-film Release – Priya Mali – U1 Records

This is a sedate melody composed and rendered in her dulcet vocals by Priya Mali. Sumit Jaiswal’s bass works perfectly for the track. The point where Priya launches into singing swaram is a lovely touch. It is good to see Yuvan’s label backing the upcoming artists. The warm music video is shot well but the performances deserved a little more attention. But I am only nitpicking here. Well done!

Rating – 8/10

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