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Latest Odia Music- Reviewed



Odisha’s musical background dates back to many decades where folk held roots. Today, the Odiya film industry or famously called, Ollywood, has brilliantly maintained the legacy. However, the present-day music scenario in Odisha also paints a vibrant musical picture. Ollywood has kept pace with today’s trends and likings on the changing audience and offered brilliance along with some numbers which are working towards it.

Let us delve into the current favourites from the region and understand what worked and what didn’t.


Tu Bikala Hebu Mo Prema Pai- Humane Sagar

The song is not only commercialised but overtly done so. Human Sagar has tried to put a western approach to his voice. I wonder why should artists compromise on regional originality to fit into the trend. The standard of the lyrics could have witnessed much improvisation. Honestly, Jeet Baral’s musical composition and Pikun Jena’s lyrics could have witnessed a much improvisation here.

Rating- 2.5/5


Aa Pheri Aa Priya- Humane Sagar

Humane Sagar’s voice is this song sounds very under-explored. The song sounds restricted and very moderate. Odia music industry has plenty of composers and producers who could have made this song better. Lyricist Ramakant Das and composer Jeet Baral could not deliver a powerful song as much as they could have with this one.

Rating- 3/5


Lagichi Prema Daga- Humane Sagar

Humane Sagar is often compared with Arijit Singh in Odia music. His voice in this song along with composer Subhasis Kumar could be termed as a breath of fresh air in Odia Music. However, a patron of music will not ignore that this song serves a very commercial purpose. Its ability to achieve sustainability is questionable. Lyrics penned by Ramakant Das seems to be a crowd puller.

Rating- 3/5

Vande Mataram- Various Artists

Vande Mataram is one of the most played Odia songs currently. India’s Raw Star fame Rituraj Mohanty and other singers Khiti Prakash, Aseema Panda, Arpita, Swapna, and Avinash have contributed their voices to the song. Music by Sushil Dalai could have touched a better pace. Dalai, however, has given a number of hit tracks earlier to Odia listeners. Mrityunjay Mishra’s lyrics reflect his efforts. All in all, Rituraj’s voice keeps the song’s uniqueness intact.

Rating- 4/5

Maahi- Aseema Panda & Rajesh Satpathy

Sung by Aseema Panda and Rajesh Satapathy, Maahi instantly holds the attention of listeners. The composition is brilliant, But, the lyrics by Mrityunjay Mishra could have avoided a bit of artificiality.
On the other hand, Pradeepta Rath’s direction could have taken a better course. Moreover, the title of the song did not add any appeal. However, the voice and composition make the visual an exquisite piece together.

Rating- 4.5/5

Batabana Hela Mo Prema- Asima Panda

Aseema Panda has mesmerizingly ornated the song. Subsequently, her voice blends finely with Mrityunjay Mishra’s lyrics. Mrityunjay certainly deserves a separate cheer altogether. Meanwhile, production and composition by Sushil Dalai are noteworthy. Overall, it is a commendable song.

Rating- 4.5/5

Hrudayara Sunyata- Sabisesh Mishra

Hrudayara Sunyata is the best song on the list so far. Firstly, it has been excellently executed by Sabisesh Mishra. Originally sung by Sekhar Ghosh, Sabisesh Mishra has added flavour to the song. Freshness could be felt in the entire groundwork of composition, direction, and production of the track. Rishab Pratik, as a result, has done justice to both the compositions.

Rating- 5/5


Odia music industry still has got a lot to explore. For instance, the more we focus on creativity and creating new content, the better we will be able to excel. However, there are limitations that need to be worked on aggressively.

To sum up, it is difficult to narrow all the music that is there to just a handful because the present-day Odia scenario houses plenty of artists who are amazingly talented.



Saugato Roy Choudhury
Music Plus Team

Author: Music Plus Team

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