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Latest Malayalam Releases- Reviewed



Of the four major southern industries, Malayalam is the one that keeps churning out albums, both film and non-film, consistently. There are also a substantial number of devotional albums that release. The film music releases in the first fortnight of October were mostly songs from films that had released singles in the last few weeks. But what is more interesting is that four of the ten songs listed here are non-film.


Ore Snehappuzhayay – Ore Snehappuzhayay – Sanal Saseendra – Classic Mission


 This is a delightful duet sung by the composer himself, in the company of Anugraha Raphy. The song starts with a serene alaap and the strings take over. The Mridangam plays the perfect foil to the semiclassical composition.

Rating – 8/10


Ennum Ente – Ore Snehappuzhayay – Suresh Menon – Classic Mission


Sung with poise by Vilsraj, this is almost a hymn about a mother. The song has everything going for it. Vilsraj’s assured vocals (in what looks like his first song), the gentle arrangements featuring the veena, flute and the steady rhythms.


Rating – 9/10


Apart from the names of the singers, there is hardly any other information about this album and is streaming only on a couple of sites. Even the available credits are quite ambiguous (Suresh Menon is listed as the composer for Ennum Ente on Raaga, but there is no such mention on Saavn and Gaana), which is unfortunate, considering how good the tracks are.


Kanavil Oru Mazhayayi – Friday – Vishal E.B. – Goodwill Entertainments


The track rides on K.S. Harisankar’s immersive vocals and is a free-flowing composition that has a reflective tone to it. Jefin’s guitars and the non-intrusive arrangements help sustain the mood and interest. A perfect song to feature in the ‘drive’ playlist.


Rating – 7/10 


Kanmani Poove – Independent Release – Anilkumar Raveendran – Horus Music Ltd.


This is a soothing lullaby sung by Najim Arshad. The other version with Aparna Harikumar in toe is good as well. The soft percussions (edakkya?) and the chorus add up well.

This song is not available on Youtube.


Rating – 7/10


Ore Thooval Pakshi – Stand Up -Varkey – Anto Joseph Film Company


Sung by siblings Sruthi & Sayanora Philip this is the theme song for a film that will have to Stand up comedy as the backdrop. Not surprising, considering the Malayalee’s have been the pioneers in Stand up comedy even before we knew the term. The number of stars that the comedy stage has given the industry is unparalleled.


The composition by Varkey has a positive vibe and the lyrics (Bilu Padmini Narayanan) echo the same. It is about ‘Miles to go before the sleep’ and the sisters combine nicely to deliver the motivational lines. The trumpet (Aldrin Dominic) adds a nice jazzy colour to the track and Sandeep Mohan on the acoustic guitar holds the song together well.


Rating – 6/10


Vaanavillen – Safe – Rahul Subrahmanian – Manorama Music


This album released right at the end of September and this track is the one that really stands out. K.S. Harisankar is on a high and his second entry in the list is a lilting composition that he laps up. Rahul layers the arrangements featuring the Cochin Strings, with guitars (Sandeep) and flute (Nikhil Ram) to appreciable effect.


Rating – 8/10


Chemmanam – Valiyaperunnal – Rex Vijayan – Monisha Rajeev Entertainments


Rex Vijayan and Saju Sreenivas tip their hat to the music of the 80’s in this trippy track. The song has portions of iconic tracks starting with ‘I am a Disco Dancer (Bappi Lahiri – Disco Dancer), Raja Raja (Ilaiyaraaja – Agni Natchathiram) and Dum Maro Dum (RD Burman – Hare Rama Hare Krishna) segued in, in an interesting manner. The song exudes high energy and is a good listen.


Rating – 6/10


Shaadi Mein Aana – Happy Sardar – Gopi Sundar – Manorama Music


The film is about the coming together of Punjabi and Malayali families and the composition by Gopi is a mish-mash of the 2 languages (more Hindi than Punjabi actually). The song has an infectious energy and Zia Ul Haq leads the ensemble of singers with the right zeal. The postlude may serve the film well but as part of the audio, it does feel like a drag.

Only a part of the song is available on youtube.


Rating – 6/10


Mathiyolam –  Vikruthi – Bijibal – Manorama Music


This is an endearing song with a strong flavour of the Maappilla Muslim culture and music of North Malabar The composition is replete with references to their cuisine (Pathiri, Kayee’s Biriyani etc.,) and the usage of harmonium and chorus give the song a nice Sufi texture.

The song is available only on streaming sites.


Rating – 7/10


‘Chillayile’ sung by K.S.Harisankar is a pleasant melody and a good listen as well.


Mele Meghakkombil – Nalppathiyonnu (41) – Bijibal – Bijibal Official


Featuring lively rhythms, sweeping strings, and a gleeful Shehnai, this one sung by Shreya Ghoshal is an easy winner from Bijibal. Shreya’s singing is fabulous. The making video also features a snippet of the composer teaching her the song.


Rating – 9/10


This is the 25th directorial venture of popular director Lal Jose (Chandhupottu, Meesha Madhavan, Classmates, etc.).


Despite the consistent flow of releases, as mentioned above, some of the songs/albums do not carry enough information or appropriate credits. It would definitely benefit the artistes and the industry if a little bit more effort goes into enlisting the tracks properly across the various platforms. Nevertheless, the kind of emerging talent on show is quite heartwarming.


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