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Latest Marathi Music Reviewed



Over the years, Marathi music has been enriched with many traditional music forms. Ranging from bharud, lavni, gondhal, powada, natya sangeet, bhajan, kirtan, bhavgeet, semi-classical based songs to the intercession of western music right from the earlier film era till date. It has evolved over the years and is going steadily in the right direction with respect to the taste of its ever-changing audience. 2018 saw about 95 Marathi film releases. But, 2019 seems to have a higher number with more new promising artists. Let us see what recent additions have been made to this musical repertoire.


Khari – Khari Biscuit – Kunal Ganjawala – Zee Music

You walk through the innocent world of two street children in the video and find every frame, loveable. Kunal Ganjawala is not new to the Marathi music world and his chords touch the heart in this one too. Precisely penned lyrics by Kshitij Patwardhan retain the required innocence for the plot. The new music director duo Suraj-Dhiraj, have done a decent job as beginners and looks promising. From the makers of Duniyadari, this Sanjay Jadhav film Kharu Biscuit is slated to release this November. It should bring on a smile on a hectic day.

Rating: 8/ 10


Shivrajyabhishek Geet – Hirkani – Zee Music

Shivrajyaabhishek Geet pulls you back to both the grandeur and simplicity of the Shivaji era. It the first musical from Prasad Oak’s, much-awaited Sonalee Kulkarni starrer film Hirkani, depicting the crowing of Shivaji Maharaj in the movie. More than a song, it’s a medley of traditional folk music weaved through music forms like Powadas, Kirtans, Dhangar Geet by composer Amitraj with the apt use of folk sounds like “daf” “taal” “chipli” “dimdi” “tutari”.



It’s an artistically written ballad by Kavibhushan and Sandeep Khare and the lyrics get an upper hand. Singers like Neelambari Kirkire, Vivek Naik, Amitraj, Deepali Desai, Jiya Suresh Wadkar, Gaurav Chati & Santosh Bote have put in their best to build up this creation. It’s a treat to watch most of the leading actors voice this on camera.

Rating: 8/10



Naate Hey Konte – Triple Seat – Hargun Kaur and Rohit Raut – Zee Music

The first song from the much-awaited Ankush Chowdhary starrer, Triple Seat. It certainly has a throwback to his popular Dhaga Dhaga. I was surprised to see the texture of the song. Unlike any other Avinash Vishwajeet melody, this song is a perky romantic number. The lyrics are appealing with the right voice casting of Hargun and Rohit Raut. The song is yet to gain the right girth of the audience, however, Ankush and Shivani Surve fans are having a gala time sharing it around.

Rating: 7/10



Jagana He Nyara Jhala Ji – Hirkani – Amitraj and Madhura Kumbhar – Zee Music

This romantic duet from Hirkani is a clutter breaker in the current music scenario. The song opens with melodious notes of the originally played clarinet, flute and leads into the male vocals. The buildup of the song takes the rustic love story of Hirkani (a milk seller on Shivaji’s fort) ahead to the birth of her child. The lyrics flavoured with of the old-time Marathi dialect are penned by National Award-winning poet Sanjay Krishnaji Patil. Madhura and Amitraj have given the right mix of emotions in the rendition. The song is recorded by Avdhoot Wadkar. Every frame looks fresh and appealing. A must watch recommendation from me.

Rating: 9/10



I want Turmeric – Satarcha Salman – Zee Music

Wedding fun songs are always a delight to watch even if they are slightly overdone. The funky beats and the tune seem to be a rip off from Ajay Atul’s Bring It On. Unfortunately, the video does not hold the viewer’s attention for a longer time. On a heartfelt note, Amitraj could have tried something different.
However, Nagesh Morwekar’s energetic singing and Kshitij Patwardhan’s lyrics, add the madness to the zing. Not a bad try for a Friday night home party.

Rating: 6/10


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