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Latest Marathi Music- Reviewed


It seems to be a season of historical releases from the Shivaji Maharaj Era. After Hirkani’s Housefull feat Fatteshikast, has captured the audiences. Khari Biscuit too has been loved immensely.
Here are some of the latest picks which have done exceeding well, recently.

Aaichi Aarti – Hirkani – Asha Bhosale – Zee Music

Besides loving Amitraj’s composition, it’s a treat to watch the video show the living legend Asha Tai walk in a studio and render it. Maharashtra’s favourite poet Sandeep Khare’s lyrics touch an inner cord. Wrapped in Asha Bhosle’s soulful voice, this rendition has the right mix of feelings that a mother’s adore should have. This Sonalee Kulkarni starrer has indeed gleamed with this later addition.


Rating: 8/ 10


Tula Japanaar Aahe – Khari Biscuit – Zee Music

The innocence of Khari Biscuit was rightly portrayed through its music and hence well accepted by the audience. This song speaks about taking care of our loved ones, be it any relation.  Adarsh Shinde’s voice has the versatility of making audience shake a leg and also make them emotional. This heart touching semi-classical duet with Ronkini Gupta has been penned by Kshitij Patwardhan and composed by Amitraj Mixed and mastered by the iconic Vijay Dayal. The words meter seemed force fit at some places, but that can be ignored for the beauty of the composition. A must listen.


Rating: 7/ 10

Roj Waate – Triple Seat – Zee Music

 Penned by Mandar Cholkar, this song hosts a lighthearted budding love story on the backdrop of Avinash Vishvajeet’s music. You find yourself grooving to the slow foxtrot rhythm paired with strings and keys. Bela Shende’s honey-filled voice is a treat to her fans. And the composer duo seems to be back in action with the movie. Must hear the entire album.


Rating: 8/ 10


Whata Kasa Nai – Khari Biscuit – Zee Music

 Written, composed and sung by a new talent Cyli Khare, the song seems to break the stereotypes of the existing music space. The undertone is haunting, and the lyrics are sung with the right dialect of the Mumbai streets. The video highlights the harsh realities of survival and day to needs and Cyli’s rustic voice cuts through your heart, wrenching it and yet applaud to the “never say die” spirit. A complete winner according to me and indeed a must watch and hear.

Rating: 9/ 10

Rani Phadakati – Fatteshikast – Ajay Purkar and Ashutosh M – Zee Music

Fatteshikast is Digpal Lanjekar’s dream movie after Farzand and this director is known to have meaningful songs in his movies. This high octane song is written by Vishnu Khandekar and speaks of valour of the Maratha’s on the battel field, also introduces the fearless army men of the Chattrapati in the video. Actor Ajay Purkar & Ashutosh Mungle have rendered the duet with the much-required passion and girth. Garnished with traditional nagadas, dhols and tutaris from the historic times, Devdutta Manisha Baji’s music has managed to depict the era.


Rating: 7/ 10

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