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Latest Kannada songs- Reviewed




The Kannada film industry or “Sandalwood,” as it is lovingly called, churned 243 films out of 1776 films released across India in the year 2018, as per the FICCI – EY Media & Industry report published in March 2019.

The ones following the industry closely would vouch for artists such as Girish Kasaravalli, Shankar Nag, Dr.Rajkumar & Girish Karnad to just name a few from this industry.

Of late, the evolution brought by OTT platforms has shed significant light to films like Lucia, Nathicharami, Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu, U-Turn, and Kathayondu Shuruvagidhe.
On the other hand, films like KGF, Pailwaan, and Munirathna Kurukshetra are leading the way in the pan India theatrical reach of the films.
Musically, Maayavi Manave from Nathicharami fetched its composer, Bindhumalini Narayanswamy, a National award for the best female playback singer.
The deluge of releases in August where many smaller films vying for a spot among the bigger releases, as compared to July which had fewer releases altogether. However, a more organised approach to releases may work wonders for the visibility and reach of smaller films/albums, in the long run.

August 2019’s releases were headlined by V.Harikrishna, a veteran of over 100 films along with Arjun Janya, a force to reckon with in recent years, leading the way.


Saahore Saaho from the movie, Munirathna Kurukshetra


V. Harikrishna’s association with Darshan is well-acclaimed over their companionship over 25 films together, and it continues to produce superb results. Kurukshetra is by far Darshan’s most ambitious venture (the film is being released in Hindi apart from all the 4 major southern languages), and the veteran composer puts his best foot forward and delivers some fantastic tracks.The film hero-worships Duryodhana and true to the mythical theme, Harikrishna creates an expansive soundscape that is both appropriate and captivating.

The ever-dependable Vijay Prakash towers over the composition with his commanding rendition. Lyrics by Dr.V.Nagendra Prasad provide the right fillip in projecting the Kaurava lord, as the champion.

Rating – 9/10

Chaaruthanthi from Munirathna Kurukshetra

For a romantic duet constructed around Duryodhana & Bhanumathi, Harikrishna concocts a free-flowing tune and sets up opulent arrangements with the string ensemble leading the way. Not much can go wrong with a good composition when you have Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal at the helm. The jubilant Shehnai (uncredited) in the interlude is noteworthy.

The other songs on the album, including the 2 short ones, are good listens as well. A fitting album to complement the opulent aspirations of the film.

Rating – 8/10

 Rekke Aaguve from Aatakuntu Lekkakkilla
This song has everything going for it. Be it the wonderful vocals by Vasuki Vaibhav (also credited for the lyrics), the ear-worm of a tune, the Rekke Aaguve reprise, the backing vocals and the contagious
“qawwali-ish” flourish. The flute passages (Rajesh Cherthala) and percussion (Sandeep) are delightful.

Rating – 9/10

Dhruvataare from Pailwaan


Pailwaan is another movie that is vying for a pan India visibility and at least on paper seems to have got the ingredients right, by roping in stars like Suniel Shetty & Sushant Singh to star alongside Sudeep.Sudeep himself is quite well known outside of his home industry, thanks mostly to Eega & Bahubali. Interestingly, he has been one of the more accessible contemporary stars from the industry, right from the time when he starred in the Phoonk & Raktha Charithra franchises.


Arjun for his part, ropes in Armaan Malik and the young singer rules over this pensive melody nonchalantly. The sweeping arrangements (Chennai String Orchestra) aided by a lovely chorus/choir culminate in a sublime track.
Rating – 9/10

Dorassani from Pailwaan

Vijay Prakash’s 2nd entry to the list is the sprightly Dorassani led by a vibrant Nadhaswaram & Thavil. Vijay’s singing is clearly the highlight and his versatility comes to the fore as he launches into an “alaap” in the first interlude. A song that will be stuck in your head long after it has stopped playing.

Rating – 8/10

Ellidde Illi Tanaka Title Track

Sonu Nigam considers Bangalore his second home and it is not amusing that his Wikipedia page says ‘he sings predominantly in Hindi and Kannada’. He has recorded over 600 songs in Kannada alone, a rare feat for a non-native singer. One wonders if there are any parallels! This is one delightful track! The chants, the enchanting flute, the strings, et al. Enough said!

Unfortunately, there are no details of the other musicians, starting with the female singer, the chorus or the lovely flautist who shadows Sonu throughout.
Rating – 10/10
 Yelli Nodalalella Neene (Female Solo) from Randhawa 
Shwetha Mohan sounds exquisite in this song. The lilting sarangi (uncredited), the strings and the “bol” sequence towards the end complement the song very well. This song is a clear example of what a good singer brings to the table, considering there are 2 other versions of the same song on the album – a duet and a male solo (Shashank being the singer) that simply pale in comparison.
I sincerely wish the makers had uploaded the female solo version on Youtube. It is available only on audio streaming sites.
Rating – 8/10

Yenanno Helalu Hogi
from Gubbi Mele Brahmastra

For the uninitiated, Manikanth Kadri is the son of legendary Saxophone exponent, Shri.Kadri Gopalnath. He joins hands with Raj B Shetty, who gave us the 2017 blockbuster, Ondu Motteya Kathe.

The composition itself has a joyful qawwali-ish tinge to it and Karthik touches all the right chords with his adorable rendition. As is key to songs in this genre, the rhythms (Ganapathi) stand out.

Rating – 8/10

Neeli Akashadalli from Laddu

This is a pleasant road song that captures the camaraderie among the leads. An easily listen track labeled the ‘Friendship song’, the composer sticks to the basics and the outcome is quite enjoyable. The jazzy saxophone portions (Sweethin Hartman) enhance the mood of the song well. This is definitely a good listen.

Rating – 7/10
The other notable songs released in August 2019 that deserve an honourable mention are Yaake Anta Gottilla Kanree, Naaligege Jwara, and Ee Dhareya.
Here’s hoping the makers opt for a more systematic approach to releases in the days to come!

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