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Latest Kannada Releases- Reviewed



The first fortnight of November had a slew of releases that offered very little in terms of quality and variety. Even the many releases targetted towards the Karnataka Rajyotsava celebrations didn’t have much to write home about. But this week’s list includes three distinct songs that look at the Kannadiga’s, the culture and lives from 3 completely polarized perspectives.

Naguva Kalisu – Mundina Nildana – Jim Satya – PRK Audio

The soundtrack of Mundina Nildana continues to impress with its diverse tunes and each one featuring a different composer. We had Masala Coffee’s ‘Manase Maya’ and Vasuki Vaibhav composed ‘Innunu Bekagide’ in our previous reviews. This one composed by Jim Satya, labelled as a ‘celebration of heartbreak’ comes to life with superb singing by Ananya Bhat and Narayan Sharma. The lyrics by Kiran Kaverappa explore the wavering mind and the multitude of questions when dealing with a breakup, without being melodramatic. The guitars (Joshua Satya & Suni Satya) and percussions (David Joseph) capture the dejection and pain appropriately.

Rating – 8/10

Aa Arasa – Kite Brothers – Anish Cherian – Lahari Music/T-Series

The song starts on a nostalgic note with the ‘Savere Savere, Yaaron Se Milne’ song composed by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and penned by Mehboob for the ‘Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan’ and merges into kids laughing heartily. Anish introduces an adorable kids chorus to go with the voices of Ananya Bhat & Viren Sagar Bagade (who is also the writer, director, choreographer & lyricist). The title hook and ‘Siri siri’ portions are especially endearing and Alichen’s flute and the school bell chimes only add to it. My only grouse is Viren’s off-key singing, which considerably pulls down an otherwise enjoyable track. Works primarily due to the kids’ chorus, the arrangements and the nostalgia.

Rating – 7/10

Yelu Yeddelu – Raa – James Architect – Anand Audio

‘Arise, awake & stop not till the goal is reached’ said Swami Vivekananda. Rajesh Gowda’s lyrics mirror this quote and calls out to achieve. The keywords ‘Saadhisu’ & ‘Saahasi’ fit well in James’ energetic composition sung by Aniruddha Sastry. The tune and singing are what hold the song, that could have done with better arrangements, together.

Rating – 6/10

Cauvery – Independent Release – Peepal Tree

This is an inspiring tribute to the lifeline of the South, river Cauvery. The composition gains from the electrifying arrangements. The lyrics (Praveen Biligiri – also the band’s Bassist) are poetic and poignant at once and capture the emotions beautifully.

Sample this.
‘Cauvery Nee Haridede Hosa Jeevavu Ninninda Ee Swargavu’ (Cauvery, wherever you go, you give rise to new life and turn that place to heaven).
‘Baanalli Kaarmoda Dhareyannu Muttuttha Ninna Madila Tumbide’ (The dark clouds descend to become one with you)
‘Jaati Bhedava Nuki Ninna Ee Aalanganakidi Jagave Tale Baagide’ (For you there is no caste or creed and the whole world bows down to you)

Rating – 9/10

Yeno Badava Rascal – 9 Sullu Kathegalu – Praveen B.V & Pradeep B.V – The Music Engine

The composers & Rishab Shetty give voice to the pet peeve of Kannadiga’s about ‘outsiders’ not learning Kannada and respecting the regional culture, despite making the land their home and earning their bread. The lyrics glorify the magnanimity of the Kannadiga’s and takes an exasperated tone in labelling the emigrants as ‘baduva rascals’. The song rides on the accusatory lyrics and Rishab’s presence and may resonate well with folks who share the concern. The comments accompanying the youtube video are proof enough. But musically the song is a middling affair with nothing new on offer.


Rating – 6/10

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