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Leela Laher (Raag Mehta) – 7/10

Raag Mehta is a familiar name in Gujarati music. His followers would notice a pattern in his Navratri releases. The singers in Navratri numbers try to bring variety in every new release every year. This year, Raag and his team have presented Leela Laher. Promoted as the ‘Navratri Love Anthem 2019’ this romantic number has the capability to impress young listeners.

The visuals are shot fairly well, and the music is unlike any other Navratri based song or a romantic number. But somehow, Leela Laher has not reached a wider audience. So far it has been viewed only around 102,000 times on the social media platforms. All said the song has the possibility to grab attention. The label just needs to push the marketing buttons.




Tik-Tok Ae Bhare Kari (Kinjal Dave) – 6/10

Some of the previous songs by Kinjal Dave were played regularly at events at gigs in the State. Her songs are based on observations and are usually relatable for the listeners. Owing to this approach, fans have expected this popular singer to release songs which they can croon and laugh at. A new listener might frown or roll their eyes over her new song Tik Tok Ae Bhare Kari, but her fans have loved it.

Lyrics by Jeet Vaghela mock Tik-Tok users and talks about the youth that has a craze for this platform. It emphasizes on how it has become a phenomenon amongst youngsters today. The song was released two weeks back and has garnered around 300,000 views on YouTube so far.



Tichki (Parth Bharat Thakkar) – 5/10

When popular names like Parth Bharat Thakkar, Niren Bhatt, Aditya Gadhvi, Bhoomi Trivedi and Siddharth Bhavsar come together for a song, the expectation always is higher than usual. Touted to be Navratri special written by Niren Bhatt, this song uses the word ‘Tichki’ quite often, which as per the team, refers to the sound of dandiya, metaphorically used by the lyricist here to express love for the beloved.

The song has been composed with an unconventional approach, which is not-so-festive like, and to be honest, it is something one would listen during the festive season, but not dance. One may like the song, but it disappoints to a point, as ‘Tichki’ lacks the capability to impress you or grasp your attention for 6 minutes. While the different approach is worth the appreciation, the single may not be on your list to listen!



Janu Tari Aankhno Ulalo (Rakesh Barot) – 6/10

Rakesh Barot’s recent song Janu Tari Aankhno Ulalo is a song from a man to his beloved lady, where he is trying to grab her attention to his best possibility. The song has already got more than 1.2 million views on YouTube and this proves that it is quite a hit amongst his fans.


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However, this would not please a first-time listener. Songs like these are most popular among the native language speakers, in the interiors of the city, and the localities. Barot’s other songs have also impressed the listeners and he has received the views in millions for them too, making him one of the renowned names in the state. Janu Tari Aankhno Ulalo is not a bad song, but not one which would grab your attention or go viral. Well, it’s just okay!



Mane Jovi Tu Bahu Game (Vijay Suvada) – 4/10

A lot happens during Navratri, and this is a strong belief that singles find their love during this festive season. Keeping this age-old thought intact, and using that as a background is Vijay Suvada’s Mane Jovi Tu Bahu Game.

Yet again, it is a song which would only appeal to the localites and not the ones who are not used to releases of such kind. Well, it does not belong to any genre, and nor should it. But surprisingly, such singles do get millions of views, and so did this. Mane Jovi Tu Bahu Game has received more than 2 million views so far. Lyrics of the song penned by Rajan Rakya and Dhaval Motan focus on a man who is trying to woo a girl for a long time, stating reasons as to why he likes her so much. Music is mediocre and does not cater to the larger audience.



Thumko Taaro (Swaggy – The Rapper) – 5/10

The first thing this song will make you do is, laugh. Purely because of its lyrics. Some may find it cringe worthy, but some may like it. Surprisingly, this song starts with an ad integrated by the makers themselves and not placed by YouTube and ends on a list of partners and sponsors of the video. This eventually takes you to a giggle-worthy 4 minutes, where a boy is trying to win a girl’s heart, using the cheesy-version of rap.

For once, you may not like it, but it gets onto you and would make you laugh for the entire duration. The visuals show everything from the boy wooing his love, to them liking each other, to parents talking about their wedding, to the engagement/official approval by them – all in four minutes, with smoke effect, rain, etc. Not sure, if it is like-worthy or not, but it definitely entertains – just once!


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