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Latest Bengali Releases- Reviewed



Bengali film industry seems to be working round the clock, bringing out scores of songs for the incredible number of film releases that are seeing the light of day. The releases by independent artists are fewer in number but exceed in quality.

The month of November seemed to focus more on the happier and warmer side of things.

The Akai Aiksho Song – Sona Mohapatra, Vivek Hariharan

Women empowerment is real, as a lot of women are stepping out of their homes to work in various fields and excel at them, breaking barriers and stereotypes. This song’s chorus translates to “Girl, you are equal to a hundred, alone” which celebrates the spirit of womanhood precisely. It is a rousing composition set to the backdrop of a typical wedding theme music, with a shehnai traversing the entire soundscape.

Sona Mohapatra, as always, does an incredible job. However, the issue is there is nothing new in this release by label SVF as it follows the same old formula of delivering a product that audiences will consume, rather than a song that listeners will cherish.

Rating- 5/10

Oe J Ashe – Brihonnola – One Body, Two Souls

This beautiful song is a soft piano piece, with aesthetic twinkling from a xylophone and a female voice singing and humming with the doting care of a parent for her child. The song paints the picture of a fantasy world that a mother tells her child, where everything is alright and there is no pain and suffering – a utopia. The powerful bond a mother shares with her daughter is brought out when the mother tells her daughter not to be afraid and the child replies that she too, is by her mother’s side.

Rating- 7/10

Aaj Hote Chai Banjara – Triangle

Whistling, scattered piano notes and a warm string section forms the colourful background for this happy song, where the protagonist sings about wanting to become a nomad. It takes one on a nostalgic trip of ’90s Hindi films with its lilting melodies. Madhuri Dey’s voice is sweet and sugary, making you want to believe her when she implores you to forget all troubles and take life as it comes, enjoying every moment. The music falls under the soft-rock category, with minimal drumming and big bass lines.

Rating- 7/10

Mon Bhese Jae (M) – Triangle

A love song to its core, this song from the film ‘Triangle’ has surprising musical elements in the form of mandolin and saxophone. The sound has a big band vibe to it – vast and expansive, much like love which envelopes all. The song is breezy, speaking of desires and longings. The arrangement is top-notch, though it might not sound new or innovative. The lyrics are perfectly complementary to the fuzzy feeling that the music creates.

The best part about it is that the voice is not superimposed on top of everything, giving equal or even more important to the music in parts.

Rating- 8/10

Runway, Ei Muhurte – Borno Anonyo

A soul touching composition, this is a medley of two songs – Runway and Ei Muhurte – by Bengali modern music pioneers Mohiner Ghoraguli. The song gradually builds on a lone, melancholic guitar while the rhythm is provided by brushes grazing on a frame drum and cymbals – a strange soundscape which is equal parts alien and intimate.

The second half transitions into a poem illustrating the hardships faced by people all over the world as the other voices and sounds conjoin to create mournful cries, while the song builds vigorously to a powerful climax. The thought-provoking video is taken from the film ‘Subarnarekha’ by Ritwik Ghatak.

Rating- 9/10

Mithe Roddur – Purbo Poschim Dokhhin

A typical orchestral composition with excellent arrangements by the famed music director Debojyoti Mishra, ‘Mithe Roddur’ from the film ‘Purbo Poschim Dokhhin’ is a relaxing song, that is bound to a bring a smile to the listener’s face. The mandolin plays a crucial backing role, with energetic trills at the end of each stanza highlighting musical pockets on which the string section has fun. Iman Chakraborty’s seasoned voice perfectly brings out the required emotions too, rhyming some vocal phrases with the arpeggios played on the piano.

Rating- 7/10

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